What is WCDN?

Christian medical doctors around the world. Its ultimate aim is to bring glory to the Great Physician by witnessing to patients, as well as to colleagues and to the general population as a whole, about the great works of healing through the gospel of Jesus Christ by prayer of faith and proven with definite evidence of healing based on medical data.

Focusing on divine healing, WCDN has conducted international medical conferences where various interesting diseases and medical conditions that were healed through prayer of faith and with definite medical evidences are presented to medical practitioners as well as to scientists. Issues relevant to Christian medical practice and to the divine calling are likewise discussed by speakers who are experts in various specialties.

Objectives of WCDN

In its process of evolution, the WCDN intends to accomplish the following objectives while keeping the mind set on glorifying our Great Physician.

  1. To be an expert witness on healing which is based on prayer and faith and proving its authenticity with sufficient medical evidences.
  2. Actively search for cases of divine healing, documenting it as authentic using medical evidences and present these cases in medical conferences.
  3. Train and update Christian medical practitioners on the hows of evangelism and likewise focusing on prayer for the sick and healing but not disregarding usual and updated medical procedures and prescriptions.
  4. Conduct seminars and workshops in various levels i.e. for Christian doctors as well as healthcare personnel concerning their roles as Christians and as healthcare specialists towards patients, colleagues and the population as a whole.
  5. Hold yearly international Christian medical conferences in various places worldwide to present divine healing cases and discuss relevant issues for Christian medical practitioners.
  6. To maintain sound biblical, Christ centered teachings while being open as an interdenominational Christian movement empowered by the Holy Spirit and glorifying the One and only True God almighty through His Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  7. To network with Christian medical and health related organizations or persons and enhance our oneness with those in the Christian faith toward the ultimate objective which is to give glory to our Father God in Christ Name (John 17:11,21)


For doctors and healthcare personnel to be expert witnesses for Christ:
  1. Conduct training and seminars on the role of a Christian doctor or healthcare worker.
  2. Be actively involved in praying for the sick and evangelism in their own workplace.
Active search for divine healing cases:
  1. Hospital and church visitations and advocacy to promote and educate Christian doctors and healthcare workers about divine healing and its role in the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  2. Get referrals from individual Christian doctors, Christian hospitals and even churches about possible cases healed from prayer and help in documentations of these cases with sufficient medical data.
  3. Active participations in healing crusades by evangelists etc., relating with the organizers to search for cases healed by the prayer of faith and making follow up for these cases to document it with medical data.
Training of Christian doctors:
  1. Conduct seminars and workshops for Christian medical worker regarding how of evangelism, prayer for the sick and discipleship
International medical conferences:
  1. Search for willing Christian medical practitioners from all over the world who can and is willing to host an international medical conference.
  2. Involvement in planning for the program of activities for the said international medical conference
  3. Invite expert speakers for appropriate topics and theme for the conferences
  4. Prepare and develop interesting cases of divine healing for presentation at the conference

Proposed specific activities:

Seminar / workshop trainings
  1. Cooperate and co-sponsor evangelistic/discipleshipe training for doctors e.g. back to the cross and related group sponsored trainings.
  2. Organize small Christian doctors group such as luncheon or dinner fellowships where sharing of ideas and prayers will be the main activities. Also, this may be an avenue for an intercessory prayer for patients needing prayers and also for doctors.
  1. Identify and produce a list of possible areas where advocacy may be made i.e. Christian hospitals or healthcare person who are key in institutions related to health and medical care, here and abroad.
  2. Visitations to identified institutes, key personalities and relation building with these personalities and institution.
Search for divine healing cases for documentation and confirmation
  1. Active search for possible divine healing cases through referrals by identified contacts i.e. hospitals and individual doctors or during healing crusades.
  2. Keep documented cases as a pool where cases may be retrieved for use during conferences
Sponsor international Christian medical conferences in various locations worldwide where there are willing trusted Christian doctors who may organize. Conferences may be country, regional and international levels on a yearly basis. These conferences may be as culmination for each continuous activities done regularly.
Monitoring and evaluation of activities:
  1. Seminars/workshop and follow ups- number of activities of these sort done per year.
  2. Advocacy- lists of advocacy results done for hospitals, individuals etc;
  3. Search- list divine healing documented and confirmed as authentic cases
  4. Conferences- number of conferences, country, region and international levels conducted.

A Standard for Case Presentations

Suggested by Dr. Sven Frederick (from Denmark)

This is a standard for case presentations. In order to convince people of miraculous healings with medically scientific evidence, the case presentation should include the points listed below. If they are missing, it is easy for non-believers to criticize and invalidate that the healing miracle ever took place.

The three essential points

Every case presentation should include the following tree points:

The Medical Diagnosis

In order to present a case as a miracle, the first important point is to have a clear diagnosis.

To achieve this, each case should include information regarding:

  1. The patient's history
  2. Formal journal notations
  3. Clinical findings
  4. Para clinical findings, e.g. the results of blood tests, x-rays, biopsies etc.

(Both negative and positive relevant findings should be included, to give a broad picture of the actual case.)

This will finally lead to the diagnosis of the patient. The diagnosis is most trustworthy when it includes paraclinical findings. This helps to rule out the possibility of inter-observer differences, as they give hard evidence on the patient's condition.

When available, internationally accepted diagnostic criteria should be used to diagnose the patient's disease.

At this point, it is also appropriate to inform the audience of the nature of the patient's disease, including its aetiology, pathogenesis and prognosis if the patient receives conventional medical treatment and the prognosis if the patient receives no treatment. This will explain the extent of the miracle that has taken place.

The Healing Process

To prevent the healing from being attributed to other means than divine healing, it is important that you establish a clear association in time between the prayer for healing, and the actual healing of the patient. To accomplish this, the progress of the patient's condition should be described. After receiving prayer for healing, be specific about how long it takes until the actual healing takes place. Be sure to include information on whether the patient receives any kind of medical treatment or not.

Prophetic words, words of knowledge, visions etc. are most welcome at this point. These will help the audience to get a broad picture of what is taking place in the physical, the mental and the spiritual world. You may also include the patient's testimony in his or her own words to add realism and credibility to the actual case.

The Healing Diagnosis

Finally, it is of the utmost importance, that the diagnosis of having been healed is established using the same criteria and paraclinical tests that were used to diagnose the disease in the first place. When you stringently repeat the same clinical examination and paraclinical tests, you can present both positive and negative test results, thereby proving the patient has recovered.

Again -as with the medical diagnosis- the healing diagnosis is most trustworthy when it includes paraclinical findings.

A final conclusion is appropriate at the end of your presentation. Include a discussion on strengths and weaknesses of your case presentation.

Important points

In order to convince non-believers of miraculous healings with medical scientific evidence, the tests used to confirm the diagnosis has to indicate or prove that the physical, objective laws of nature have been broken. Many healings cannot be used as scientific evidence, since we don't have the means to scientifically prove they happened: We may be miraculously healed physically and mentally and have had a wonderful experience of the healing power of God, without any measurable or observable physical changes.

Be humble and honest. The evidence in a case presentation is of poor scientific value compared to randomized controlled trials. It is better that you comment the flaws of your case, than your critic. On the other hand, don't be too critical regarding your case presentation: Some people will find errors and criticize the evidence no matter how strong it is. No proof is bullet-proof for such sceptics! We have to concentrate on presenting reasonable proof, and let each person decide whether to believe or disbelieve the evidence presented to him, according to his own consciousness. Remember, it is not you, nor your evidence which will finally work in the hearts of men; it is the Spirit of God who draws us to repentance.

Finally, don't forget that greater the miracle, the less we have to prove: If an amputated arm grows back, we don't need any blood tests or x-rays: It is obvious to everyone that a miracle has happened - a couple of before-and-after photos will stun the world!


Here are some hints on how to give the evidence in your case presentation a higher scientific value:

How to avoid biases (i.e. systematical errors)
Keep an accurate record of your patients, when they are prayed for and when they are healed. Gather relevant information as quickly as possible, to avoid recall bias.
Let an objective doctor unfamiliar with the patient confirm the initial diagnosis and get a third doctor to confirm the healing, to avoid psychological bias.
How to avoid confounding
The patient in the case should not have received any other treatment, since this will make it difficult to distinguish the effect of prayer on the healing of the patient.

Biblical Basis of WCDN

  1. Gospel imperatives
  2. Power of the blood and name of Jesus
  3. The work of the Cross
  4. The person and work of the Holy Spirit
  5. Receiving and using spiritual gifts