rev. dr. Jaerok Lee

WCDN Founder, Dr. Jaerok Lee's Statement

There was a person who was severely suffering many kinds of incurable diseases at the age of being full of dream of success in the world and hope for the future. No part on his body but his two eyes, from head to sole, was normal. He tried all he could and did whatever to be said to be effective for the healing, but everything was in vain. He fell into deep despair and had to give up his life. All he could do was to wait for the day of death.

One day an amazing turning point came to him. He met the living God and was healed of all his diseases. Afterwards he became a pastor who is testifying to God the Creator and the Savior Jesus Christ.

The person is me. God the Father rescued me from the threshold of death and healed me not only of diseases of the body but of the disease of mind in His warm and tender love.

Today there are so many people who will not acknowledge the existence of the living God. There are even believers who are attending church but do not possess true faith because they have not experienced the works of the living God. For those people to have true faith, I have been showing the proofs of the living God and performing powerful ministry in many missionary fields. One of them is the ministry of WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network).

WCDN is an international and interdenominational organization that was founded to collect, analyze and attest to diving healing cases with medical data. Many Christian doctors and medical professionals are serving as effective tools of the Holy Spirit to confirm the divine healing power of God in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through this powerful ministry of WCDN, I wish as many people as are denying the existence of God will come to and meet the living God. I am always praying and making all my dedications for them to accept Jesus Christ and gain salvation.

In the name of the Lord, I welcome all of you visiting our website, and hope you may meet the living God at this website. May you experience the healing power of Jesus Christ and your life be overflowing with true joy from above, in the name of the Lord I pray!