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| Manmin News No. 153 | 2009-09-13

l U.S.A l
Holiness Gospel Brought Happiness and Healing of Quadriplegia - Jennifer Lacarrie(25)

Jennifer and her daughter Chelsea Alexander

Before I listened to the holiness gospel, my life was just a continuation of emptiness, fear, worries, tears, and sorrow. Each morning, when I woke up, I wished that God would take my life away.
I had a daughter who was born with cerebral palsy and infantile paralysis. With quadriplegia she could only eat food through a tube and her suffering was beyond words. And when I got pregnant with my second child, my husband abused me physically and mentally. I could find no reason to live when people tried to avoid me. When I couldn't bear it all any longer, I moved to my mother's house with my daughter.

Then one morning, I turned on the television to watch the Christian channel, but there was problem with the TV cables, so I could only watch GCN. When I first heard Dr. Jaerock Lee's message from the channel, my heart was touched and for 6 months I watched the GCN programs several times a day.

And I was so impressed while reading Dr. Jaerock Lee's books, Heaven and Tasting Eternal Life Before Death. I hadn't ever heard this kind of clear and spiritual message before, telling me that I should live according to the word, cast off the lust of the flesh, love God the most, and be faithful in all God's houses anywhere else.

I earnestly prayed to God to lead me to a church that preaches this holiness gospel. And only a few months later I was given Pastor James Sim's e-mail address and visited New York International Manmin Church. When I told Pastor James about my problems, he suggested that I send a picture to Seoul and receive Dr. Jaercok Lee's prayer. So I sent my daughter's picture and received prayer on it.

Soon after that, her eyes, muscles, and sleeping problems were healed. Previously, her bones protruded and she didn't even have strength to grab anything. She always had to visit the hospital and take medication. She was pretty much a vegetable human. But after the prayer, she can now eat well and has gained much weight.
Now, she is singing praises, walking around, and growing up well in good health. All of these were made possible by the power of God.

Believing that the time of suffering was the process of meeting the living God, I feel only thankfulness. Now I am really happy because I can live for the glory of God.

l Peru l
I Was Completely Healed of New Influenza - Danitza Villazon Gabriel (11)

On the night of July 11th, I suddenly had a severe headache and pain all over my bones. I had a stomach ache, diarrhea, and my body temperature rose to 40 degrees C (104 degrees F). After spending the entire night in pain, I was taken to a hospital on an ambulance the very next day.

All of this turned out to be the Swine flu. I was scared. The doctor said that I had to wear a mask and be quarantined. He said I needed to take antibiotics and injections.

My family called Pastor Jung-yun Chang (Ministering Peru Manmin Church) and I received the handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11~12). At that moment I felt a strong fire surrounding my body and had an assurance that I was healed! Then, I knelt down with my family members and earnestly prayed to God.

God reminded me of the moments that I didn't live by His word and I felt so sorry before God. After I repented, the fever that didn't seem to go away gradually disappeared. All the symptoms went away one by one, so I could enjoy a deep sleep at night.

The following day, Pastor Jung-yun Chang ministered the handkerchief prayer over the phone. And the pain and diarrhea was completely gone. I quickly recovered my health.

I didn't take any medication or injections, nor did I receive any hospital treatment. This experience was an opportunity for my family to have faith and be united as one in love. I give thanks and glory to God for this wonderful experience.

Swine flu is a new strain of the influenza virus. The number of patients amounts to hundreds of thousands of victims and there are about 5000 patients in Korea alone, and the number of casualties is only rising. People are afraid that the disease might spread throughout the world by this coming autumn.

l Taiwan l
We Were Protected From Typhoon Morakot - Pastor Miao Zhen Hong (Chinese Christion Miracle Association)

Due to typhoon Morakot, Taipei had a rainstorm that dropped 3000mm (about 118 inches) of rainfall with violent winds. All of Taipei was devastated; buildings, stores, and apartments collapsed, roads and bridges cracked open. The casualties amounted to over 500. The news channels around the world reported that this was the worst typhoon damage in 50 years.

The high mountain village, where I work, was also within reach of the typhoon. The Shin Zhu Shi Rei prayer center is located at the summit of this mountain. Due to the storm, the rain poured unceasingly, causing landslides in several places and closing off many roads. The violent winds in the high mountain area were so strong that it looked like they could blow the houses away. The residents had to have been in great fear that something might happen to them.

I called Taipei Manmin Church before the Friday all night service and asked for prayer. Pastor Kyung-hee Kim notified the situation to Manmin Central Church, asking for Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer.

When Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for our church after the message, a miracle happened. Though the typhoon stayed in Taipei for 3 days, not only the prayer center, but our houses and facilities were perfectly fine as though nothing had even happened. Hallelujah! I confess from the center of my heart that God Almighty is surely living. I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church, for manifesting the great power of God!

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