God Healed My Daughter of a Neck Abscess

| Manmin News No. 157 | 2009-11-01

Deaconess Mikyung Kim (3-25 Parish, 2-1 Women's Mission)

One day in 2006, while watching TV that showed all the signs of the last days of the world, I had a strong desire to live a long time with my 8-month-old son. I was reminded of heaven, about which I often talked with my brother. He would ask, "Can I live forever if I go to heaven?" I called my brother right away, and said, "I'm going to church beginning this week." This was the start of my life of faith.
So I first met God because of my child, and it was again through my two children that I realized the love of God—after experiencing His power.
In the evening of May 24, my son Yoonhyuk, 5, bumped into a marble table in the living room and got a deep cut on the right edge of his eyebrow. I was so heartbroken to see his soft skin bruised and swollen. But after Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed, his face healed up and the swelling went down as if nothing had happened.
Following this experience, my daughter Yoonsong, 3, suddenly had a fever and her temperature rose to almost 40 degrees C. As this went on for a week, her right cheek swelled up and she couldn't eat properly. I took her to a pediatrician. The doctor said it was the mumps, but the swelling grew bigger and spread to the neck behind her ear. Then the doctor recommended that I take her to a hospital. On July 3, through CT scans taken at the Asan Hospital in Seoul, we found out that Yoonsong had a neck abscess.

An inflammation in the lymphonodus around the neck had caused an abscess as big as 5 centimeters. The doctor said he didn't know when the abscess might burst, and added she should receive surgery right away.
But once again, I had the assurance that my daughter would be healed if she received Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. So the following day, I had her receive Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. I thought, "My daughter's going to be all right!" Then I heaved a big sigh of relief and felt like I was walking on air.
When we came home, Yoonsong's temperature had already gone down, and much to our surprise, she began to play and eat well again. After that, she received prayer from Dr. Jaerock Lee two more times, and the abscess got smaller and smaller until it completely disappeared in late July. On September 9, in order to validate her healing, I took my daughter to the hospital for a medical examination, and we found out that her disease was completely healed. Hallelujah!
Yoonsong's testimony was presented at the 6th International Christian Medical Conference by WCDN which was held in October in Ukraine. I give thanksgiving and glory to God for our daughter's healing, which can now be used to testify about His amazing power!

CT scans

1. Before receiving prayer - The 5x5cm abscess shown on the right side of neck
2. After receiving prayer - Where the abscess used to be

WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) was established in 2004 to testify about the living God through analysis of all the different healing cases by God's power from a medical point of view. Annual conferences have been held in Korea, India, the Philippines, Miami of USA, Norway, and Ukraine, and it is vigorously spreading the ministry of God's power thorough doctors' networks in the US, Russia, China, India, Indonesia, Peru etc.

Yoonsong Lee, 3, was completely healed of a 5x5cm neck abscess without surgery through Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer.

Doctor's note - "The symptom was very serious. There was over a 90% chance of drainage and thus she could have gone septic very quickly, which is usually fatal. And since she didn't undergo surgery, she had to have at least been on a month's worth of medicine for any progress to be made, but she was simply healed by prayer. As a medical doctor, this is just unbelievable to me."
- Elder Gilbert Yoonsuk Chae, Medical Doctor -

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