This is the same Elizabeth who used to beg for money at the markets. I've received prayer and I can see now!

| Manmin News No. 175 | 2010-03-21

Elizabeth Nakumika / Kenya

Following Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong's handkerchief prayer, Elizabeth Nakumika, who had been blind for 11 years, testifies to God's restoration of sight.

I was born in 1984 in a suburb of Kateil, about 300 miles from Kenya's capital Nairobi. My mother had passed away when I was very small, so my brother and I grew up with our stepmother. The year I turned 13, our father passed away and my brother went to find work in a city. I was left alone and the life at home was a series of agony. Discrimination and persecution made life extremely difficult for me to bear. On top of that, when I turned 17 in 2000, I was stricken with measles and ended up losing sight in both of my eyes.
I went to see many doctors at many different hospitals only to find that there was no cure. As I was now blind, I became completely useless in farming, the household's only means of living and I was eventually thrown out of the house. With my friend's help, I went to find my brother in the city but he had turned into an irresponsible drunk. I effectively became a beggar at the markets. During the time I spent as a beggar, I met two pastors who assisted me financially to make ends meet.
January 11, 2010, was the second day of "The Kitale Handkerchief Meeting" (Acts 19:11-12) held by Bishop Dr. Myongho Cheong, Chairman of the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, Africa and Senior Pastor at Nairobi Manmin Church. It's a day I could never forget.
At the urging of and with the assistance from my friend Monica Dudi, I went to the Meeting. Following the sermon message, there was a time of prayer for the sick. Bishop Dr. Cheong placed his hands on my eyes and prayed in earnest. "Father! Show Your daughter here that You are at work at this moment!"
There was a miracle after he had finished the prayer. I began to see light, people, and objects around me. I went straight up to the stage. After having seen how many people had received God's healing and overcome by joy, I boldly testified to my own healing to people who had only known me as a "blind beggar girl."
"This is the same Elizabeth who used to beg for money at the markets. I've received prayer and I can see now! I can see! I can see now!
My friends, who had been by my side and seen me suffer for years, became my witnesses and affirmed my healing to all those who doubted. Hallelujah!

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