I Was Healed of Spinal Stenosis without Surgery!

| Manmin News No. 182 | 2010-05-09

Deacon Sunghwa Chung (22nd Parish, 4-2nd Men's Mission)

My job is to deal with heavy metals. While loading and uploading the metals, I was stricken with spinal stenosis. I had suffered severe pain on the spine and legs. I was discouraged at a corner of my heart, and because the days of being unable to walk continued, I went to the Seoul National University Hospital. After the evaluation the doctor said I should receive surgical treatment. But I couldn't afford to do it because I had barely lived our living with my wife. Pain increased and I had to overcome the pain just with pain medications.
My parish leader Pastor Jinyoung Chung advised me to more earnestly rely on God during the two consecutive Daniel Prayer Meetings and to receive healing by faith. And he told me to repent of my past wrongdoings and sins prior to asking for the healing. One night of March, I remembered I had no longing heart for the Word of God, skipped giving tithes to God with the excuse of my poor life, sometimes had a drink pretending to be reluctant to it at the meeting with my worldly friend, and so on. I felt so sorry before God and repented of all those things with tears.
On March 23, a special Holy Spirit's Fullness Prayer Meeting with Manmin Prayer Center President Boknim Lee took place at the Northern Local Sanctuary. I couldn't walk even one step because of severe pain on the legs, but with a longing heart to see and receive the payer from President Boknim Lee I attended the Prayer Meeting. She prayed for each of the sick in attendance with the handkerchief. The spirit of repentance came upon many people and they repented with tears. At last she laid her hand on my shoulder and prayed, saying, "Father! Please send the spirit of repentance to this son and heal him by Your grace!"
At that moment I closed my eyes, but all of a sudden, bright lights flashed before my eyes. Warm tears welled up and I began to repent rending my heart and shed tears of thanksgiving. After receiving the prayer, I felt light like my heart would fly over the clouds. Soon I moved my legs and waist, and realized there was no more pain. Two days later I went to the Seoul National University Hospital again for the reevaluation and the X-ray showed my spine is normal and I didn't have to receive surgical treatment. Hallelujah! I am so happy to be able to bend my waist.

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