My Faith Was Renewed and I Was Healed of Herniated Spine

| Manmin News No. 188 | 2010-06-20

Sister Shirel
(The Way of Spirit Church, Almaty of Kazakhstan)

Sister Shirel and Korean trainees of MMTC (Manmin Missionary Training Center) visiting Kazakhstan

In 2003, I hurt my spine while skiing on a mountain, and I came to have difficulty in sitting and lying down on bed. X-ray pictures showed the fracture of the spine and herniated disc. I tried various medications for healing but in vain.
In 2008 Pastor Daniel Rozen gave me a CD "The Power of God" that deals with many manifestations of God's power through Dr. Jaerock Lee, and I was so touched by that and started studying at a seminary in Israel. In June of 2009, I attended an Israeli pastors' seminar led by Dr. Jaerock Lee and listened to the message on "The Measure of Faith."
When I received the prayer from Dr. Lee, something hot ran down through my body and I sweated on my back. After that all pain disappeared and regained eyesight. I came to see without the glasses.
I completed my one-year theological study in Israel and when I came back to Kazakhstan I took a few books authored by Dr. Jaerock Lee. I held "The Measure of Faith" seminar for church workers and many workers were touched.
Many church members began to read Dr. Lee's books and tried to live by the teachings given through his books. They came to experience changes in their lives and overflow with testimonies of healing and blessing.

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