I Was Miraculously Rescued from Acute Peritonitis!

| Manmin News No. 193 | 2010-07-25

"Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me." Psalm 50:15

Deaconess Kyunghwa Lee
(Chinese Parish)

Becoming assured that God is with Manmin Central Church

In the early 2000, I was guided to a branch church of Manmin Central Church in China and later found a 24-session-series sermon "The Message of the Cross" preached by Dr. Jaerock Lee.
I wanted to have the assurance of Manmin Central Church and rented the audio tapes after 3-day fasting prayer. While listening to the series sermon, I was so touched and experienced the healing of a few kinds of diseases including heart disease, stomach disease, arthritis, anemia, and hepatitis.
Through these experiences, I became assured that the church is in the presence of God and registered at that branch church. I came to lead a fervent believing life witnessing the power of God and experiencing spiritual things.
Meanwhile I determined to go to Manmin Central Church and learn the holiness gospel there, and then to spread the gospel to many souls in China. In February of 2009, I came to Korea with that desire. But I had to take the responsibility of taking care of my two daughters and my sick younger sister whom I had left behind in China.
Though I was so happy attending Manmin Central Church that provides the believers with good factors for spiritual growth, I was distressed in my heart because I couldn't afford to support my daughters and sister enough.

Seized with acute appendicitis and sent to the hospital

On Friday, May 28, 2010, I began to feel pain on the abdomen in the evening. Next day the pain worsened and after going to work, I felt as if the intestines were being twisted. Cold sweat ran down through my whole body and I lost strength. And the symptom of nausea occurred to me. I went to the restroom and threw up a little, but suddenly I felt a twisting pain in my abdomen and fell down to the floor. I struggled with that severe pain for a few hours and returned home around 6 in the evening. I couldn't sleep because of severe pain.
On Sunday, May 30, I attended the Sunday morning service, and came back home and took a rest. But I suffered from severe pain and chill and finally fell into coma. After that, I was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with acute appendicitis, and the doctor requested I receive surgical treatments immediately and said that otherwise it would turn into peritonitis and I might lose my life.
In that emergent situation, I had no desire to receive a surgery at all. While living in China, I had once experienced God's power listening to the message of sanctification, and since I attended Manmin Central Church, I witnessed many people receiving the healing of their diseases through the prayer of a powerful servant of God. I believed I would surely be healed through the prayer of Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee. That's why I left the hospital that day and received the prayer for the sick from my great parish leader, Pastor Doochun Shin, and then I felt I was getting well.

No other choice but to receive a surgery because of acute peritonitis

On June 2, I came to Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee and received his prayer. After that, my body became lighter, my spine was straightened, and I had a little pain. I thought I had already been healed and rejoiced. That night I suffered from severe pain on the appendix and high fever, and felt like my intestines were twisted. For the following 3 days, exceedingly severe pain followed, and on June 5, I could hardly breathe thrice from 5 AM until morning. After that the pain lessened and I went to the restroom. While relieving myself, I discharged blood and pus along with a little white water. I thought that appendix had burst out.
Next day I came to Senior Pastor and explained my condition to him in detail. He prayed for me, and I returned home. But my neighbors felt something serious was happening to me, and forcefully took me to the hospital. The result of medical checkup was very serious. The doctor said to me, "Are you crazy? Appendix burst out and intestines were mixed with pus. Unless you are admitted and receive the surgery right away, your intestines will be decayed and you die."
I wanted to discharge myself from the hospital, but I couldn't on my own. The doctors examined me in many tests and decided to perform the surgery at 7:00 PM that day. I never wanted to rely on a worldly method for the healing at all, and eagerly prayed to heal me by God's way.

Thoroughly relying on God and receiving the prayer with the handkerchief

That evening, the operation that had been supposed to be performed at 7:00 PM was delayed because the doctors changed their decision. The final test showed pus filled the abdomen, so they concluded that they would make a hole into the side, link with a hose and discharge the pus through the hose, and then do the endoscopy to decide whether or not to perform the operation. My doctor added that cholelithiasis was so urgent that they couldn't know which part to perform a surgery on. After hearing his explanation, I became peaceful and joyous though my body ached so much.
Around 10 PM, I was thinking about how to overcome that situation, and I hit upon the verse Psalm 50:15 saying, "Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I shall rescue you, and you will honor Me." I held fast to that word of God and prayed to Him, saying, "Lord! Rescue me out of this pain. Heal me of this disease through the shepherd You love, and let me glorify God!"
A little while later Pastor Eunhee Bae entered the ward to see me. I said to her, "Pastor Bae, I'll rely on the Lord until the end. I'll be healed by faith." She answered, "What will be impossible to you if you show faith? Let's worship God and pray to Him." She shared the message on 'the Seed of Life' with me, and I was so impressed by it.
I was reminded of my past wrongdoings and not having been at peace with others, and earnestly repented of them with tears and runny nose. Pastor Bae laid on me the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed, and prayed for me (Acts 19:11-12). My heart felt as if I were in Heaven and joy overflowed in me. From that midnight until 4:00 AM, I was filled with peace and joy.

Completely Healed after God ridded me of all filthy things that filled my abdomen

On Monday, June 7, I received the closest examination in the morning. The result surprised the doctors, and they shouted, "Amazing! Unbelievable! Everything is ok! No more gallstone!" Blood pressure was recovered and high fever disappeared. For the last 12 days I could not eat anything, but began to eat porridge in the afternoon. After that something marvelous began to happen to me. Whenever I went to the restroom two or three times a day, God cleansed my abdomen and ridded it of the filthy things that filled the abdomen after appendix burst out.
Dark reddish urine was discharged like poison was leaking out, and the pus mixed with blood and other filthy things came out like diarrhea. My body was really light like flying in the air. On June 9, I was completely recovered and returned home as if nothing had happened.
This incident helped me look back at my heart and life, and caused me to renew my fervor to become a missionary. I could feel God's delicate love and Dr. Jaerock Lee's sincere prayer, and made up my mind to pay back the grace. I give all thanks and glory to God for His healing me with His power.

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