Healing and Blessing Overflow in My Life after Meeting the Living God!

| Manmin News No. 218 | 2011-01-16

Sister Uh Munghuh Toyah (53, Mongolia Manmin Church)

In 2004, I accepted the Lord Jesus but couldn't understand the true meaning of Christian faith. Although I had eyes I couldn't see the truth. I went to church only when I had the desire. I read the Bible and many religious books that were said to be good for the growth of faith, but my heart was still in distress and empty. I was not satisfied with anything at that time.
What was worse was that I suffered from Hepatitis C and arthritis and became mentally depressed. I started drinking to drunkenness which was very often the case with me. My 20-year-old son began to go the wrong way and I was possessed with fear in the thought that God would never forgive me at all.

Listening to Dr. Jaerock Lee's message and witnessing God's powerful works through him

In March 2010, I was evangelized by the mother of Missionary Batzorig who is ministering to Mongolia Manmin Church, and was guided to the church. When I listened to Dr. Jaerock Lee's message via the satellite at the church, I was greatly touched. Through Dr. Lee's explanation in his messages, I easily understood the parts of the Bible I had not been able to understand through other preachers' messages and many religious books.
However, I attended the Sunday worship service only twice a month because I had to make a living and for other personal reasons. In September my case of hepatitis C became severe and the following month my abdomen was badly swollen with fluid retention. I became seriously lethargic and my whole body was swollen. The doctor warned me that I could develop liver cancer and advised hospitalization to receive medical treatments. But because I had seen and heard about the many healing cases manifested through Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer, I really desired to receive healing through faith in God and the prayer without reverting to surgery.

Healed of severe Hepatitis C after repenting of my sins with tears and praying by faith

I attended the two-term Consecutive Daniel Prayer Meeting that began on October 11, 2010. I offered vowed prayer to God with a longing heart for an answer and I kept the Lord's Day holy. I was reminded of the mournful tears Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had shed and his loving warning for the believers not to commit sins, and repented of my sins with tears and runny nose.
I thoroughly repented that I had not led a proper believing life for the previous 7 years since I accepted the Lord but rather befriended the world and enjoyed smoking and drinking. After that my whole body became hot with the fire of the Holy Spirit and my swollen abdomen was restored to normal.
I went to the hospital for the medical checkup on October 18, 2010 and the result showed Hepatitis C virus had disappeared and the liver had been completely restored to normal. The doctor said, "Hepatitis C is one of incurable diseases. It's so amazing to see you healed of Hepatitis C!" In addition, I was also healed of 3 years of arthritis and the weak functioning of the heart was strengthened. I will not need to go to the hospital anymore.

My family was evangelized and overflowed with joy

After that many happy things happened in my home. When I was healed, my husband's heart was moved and he began to attend church. He was healed of a herniated intervertebral disc and became to walk properly. My son didn't forgive his father from the heart before, but he changed and came to understand and forgive his father.
How happy I am that I've been at peace with my stepmother! I used to hate her and lead a painful life for a long time because I didn't forgive her in my heart. The reason was that my stepmother prohibited me from meeting my father and because he had drawn his last breath, I could no longer see him ever again. My hatred towards her caused me to rejoice when she was sick and to feel sad when she was prosperous and healed. But one day while praying I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to 'forgive your stepmother.' I repented and obeyed it and forgave her from my heart. Now everyone in my home is at peace.
I was not only healed of my disease but in the name of Jesus Christ I was also released from the pain in my heart that my hatred had caused, I offered 3-day fasting prayer to God for the first time. Now I want to serve and love God by coming forth as a sanctified child of God. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has rescued me from the pit of destruction. I also give thanks to Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee who has led me to possess beautiful heart with the gospel of holiness.

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