All Kinds of Diseases Departed from Me at the Moment I Repented of Idolatry

| Manmin News No. 237 | 2011-06-05

Deaconess Youngok Kim (Tongyeong Manmin Church)

I experienced extraordinary works. I was healed of herniated lumbar disc and sciatica. I had tried many kinds of treatment such as acupuncture or massage, but they did not work at all. However, at the very moment when I repented that I had worshiped idols and had peace with God, I received healing by the power of God.

I worked for an oyster farm for ten years. I used to work for ten hours a day, which caused me to have herniated lumbar disc. The pain was so serious that I felt painful on my whole body, from head to toes. I also had sciatica. The pain made me feel difficult even to put on the brake of cars, so I worked for fewer hours. I ended up quitting the job because of the pain.

A few years later, I started to attend Tongyeong Manmin Church in October, 2009 as Deaconess Guemlan Park evangelized me. Pastor Minhwan Joo ministering to the church gave me Dr. Lee's book The Message of the Cross and his sermon tapes, through which I was filled with the grace and had GCN satellite receiver installed at home. Watching its programs I came to have faith.

I attended Divine Healing Meeting which is held every month during the second half of Friday all-night service in the main sanctuary of Manmin Central Church. I received the fire of the Holy Spirit when Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for the sick on the altar. My pain disappeared.

I got healthier from then on, and I decided to work for the oyster farm with confidence in November, 2010. I worked so hard that backache and sciatica came to trouble me again. I thought to myself, 'Do I have fundamental wall of sins against God?'

On February 2nd, 2011, I gained a certain spiritual realization after greeting Dr. Lee celebrating Lunar New Year. Following Monday, the dream I had in last December struck me on my way home from Daniel Prayer meeting. In the dream, there was a snake in the front yard of the house my parents-in-law and our family lived in.

I knew that seeing snakes in dream was not a good sign. I realized the reason why I had the dream. My mother-in-law collapsed and passed away at the spot where the snake coiled itself. My husband fell down there as well. I even recalled that we had exorcism performed on the spot after the death of my mother-in-law. Then, I eventually came to understand how grave the sin of idolatry is before God.

I thoroughly repented that I had attended Buddhist temples and held a memorial service to idols for after-life of my mother-in-law. I decided to give peace offering to God with all my heart to repent of my sins I had committed for 40 years. After my decision, peace and joy overflew in me.

I had dream for two days in a row after the decision. In the first dream, a long black-haired person with gloomy look said crying, "I will leave". In the second dream, I entered a white house where bright light emanated. When I looked around, someone told me "Someone has taken a charm away". I looked at the wall on the door. There was no charm.

After the dreams, herniated lumbar disc and sciatica vanished immediately. Nowadays, I am very healthy that I can work and clean our sanctuary. I give all thanks and glory to Father God who let me understand spiritual realm and solved my problems.

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