I Was Healed of AIDS through the Prayer Transcending Space and Time

| Manmin News No. 238 | 2011-06-12

Brother Leopard (New York International Manmin Church)

In June of 2009, I felt like I had become very weak. I coughed a lot and a skin tumor appeared along with pain. I received prayer of a few well-known pastors to be healed, but it was of no use.

I had medical check in Central Hospital in Brooklyn, New York. The result showed that I had pneumonia and AIDS. I was treated with strong drugs, but it became just worse. I felt pain even when I breathed.

However, I always thought that God would be able to heal me. In the meantime, Dr. Jaerock Lee came to my mind. I watched Peru Crusade and New York Crusade with Dr. Lee through the videos which my friend's mother gave to me two years before. As I watched, His power struck me.

I started to watch the programs of Manmin TV through Internet in August of 2009. I felt like I talked to God face to face when listening to Dr. Lee's message. I listened very carefully with tears.

In particular, I came to have hope of healing when watching the amazing power of God that let the poor eyesight and hearing be recovered to normal. I saw many kinds of diseases healed, and the lame stand up and jump. I was so sure that Dr. Lee is a man of God because as said in Psalm 62:11, power belongs to Him.

I stopped going to hospital. I received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick after listening to his message through the Internet. I could feel the pain disappear little by little and I got better. I only relied on God with fasting and prayers. Then, I came to have peace and joy in my heart.

On October 16th, 2010, it happened to be my birthday. I received Dr. Lee's prayer at 5 A.M. and my room was filled with heat. My body became hot as well and I was sweating a lot.

Following day, I went to hospital. The doctor was so surprised after examination, because AIDS and pneumonia vanished completely. He said he could not believe and asked me to go to another hospital for retest. However, the retest result was just the same with the previous one. Hallelujah!

I have been leading a happy Christian life in New York International Manmin Church (Pastor James Shim). I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me through prayer transcending space and time.

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