I was Healed of Scoliosis after Receiving Prayer in Dream

| Manmin News No. 239 | 2011-06-19

Sister Inae Choi (Eastern Gwangju Manmin Church)

"Inae! Stretch your back. Straighten your shoulder while walking."
I had a very bad posture even when I was young. It was not until I had a check-up in high school that I came to know I had scoliosis. I did not suffer any pain in daily life, so I paid no attention to it. I felt more comfortable when I stooped in sitting. I naturally had a poor posture. For this reason, scoliosis went worse over time.

Three years ago, I felt pain in my coccyx. Last year, the pain became more severe during classes in school and service in church. I could not sit still and had to change my posture often. When I stood up, it took time because of the pain. In the meantime, amazing works took place with me.

On May 20, I happened to shake hands with Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee after the Friday all-night service. I knew the story of a woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve years recorded in Luke 8:44. When she touched the fringe of the cloak of the Lord, her hemorrhage immediately stopped. Another story in Acts 5:15 also came to my mind. People carried the sick out into the streets, so that when Peter came by at least his shadow might fall on any one of them. Thinking of them, I had earnest hope to experience such power of God.

On May 22nd, I prayed for a while at home after Daniel Prayer Meeting and went to bed. I had an extraordinary dream. Dr. Lee laid his hand on my back. At the very moment, my back became so hot that I felt like my belly had bounced off. As I talked about what I experienced to Dr. Lee, he told me to testify to my healing in the testimonies reception desk of the church. I obeyed him in the dream.

On following day, I could not help but feel astounded by what I looked in a mirror after school. My shoulder had straightened up! The left side of my waist had been bent and my whole body had been twisted as well. However, I came to have a very good posture. My family members also rejoiced seeing me walking with good posture. I realized that I was healed as Dr. Lee prayed for me in the dream. I reminded myself of taking classes in school without any pain in my coccyx and back.

On June 4, I visited a hospital to take an X-Ray examination. The test result was absolutely normal. Hallelujah!

In fact, my family has received amazing blessings of God. My younger sister was healed of anorexia and my father was set free from alcoholism through Dr. Lee's prayer. God's love and power is truly wonderful.

Last autumn, I came to realize that I should have prayed more and armed myself with the Word of God while preaching the gospel to my friend who was in sorrow after her father's death. Since then, I have read the Bible and prayed more and more. I quit watching TV as well, and I started to read Dr. Lee's books intensively such as The Message of the Cross and The Measure of Faith. I even threw away pop CDs and books that I had liked since I was young. Then, I came to have hope for New Jerusalem. Also, I even prayed for my family, my friends, and people around me as well as myself.

My life totally changed because my Lord, who was crucified on the cross for me, is making intercession for me and the Holy Spirit helps me. With the grace of the Lord, I could experience the power of the Holy Spirit through the dream. I give all thanks to my beloved Lord. I also give all thanks and glory to Father God.

Scoliosis is a crooked spine which is supposed to be straight. Without treatment, it may lead to chronic backache. If a person has chronic scoliosis, the heights of both shoulders are different and they do not look good. Because it can cause problems in internal organs, it should be treated before the growth plate stops growing.

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