I was Healed of Scoliosis in a Short Time

| Manmin News No. 243 | 2011-07-17

Sister Maria Kim (3 College Mission)

I am a member of the Rainbow Praise Team of Performing Arts Committee in Manmin Central Church.

Since January, our team has taken singing lessons. They started with basic breath-control training to increase lung capacity. It was accompanied with a few physical exercises.

Last March, I had a harder time than ever before. When I lowered my shoulders sideways and stretched through my chest, I had severe pain in my back bone. I felt like the bone was bent and the pain got worse.

"Sister Maria, straighten yourself"
"What? I am straightening myself"

After hearing it, I looked myself in the mirror. The height of my both shoulders was absolutely different. I usually had very severe pain in my back when I carried heavy stuff. I realized that the symptom also was relevant.

My X-ray examination result showed that my spinal bone was bent 15 degree more than normal people who had back bone bend of less than four degrees. It meant that I had scoliosis. After much consideration, I took orthotherapy. But the test result, which came out on May 31, showed that it had not worked at all

I heard that there would be a Special Divine Healing Meeting in June. How happy I was! I relied on God giving morning-fasting and prayer in the Daniel Prayer Meeting and Special Prayer Meetings. I repented that I had paid less attention to prayer saying that I had been busy on my school work and job. I also offered prayers of repentance remembering that I was troubled by others' advice or reproof.

On June 17, I received the fire of the Holy Spirit when Dr. Lee prayed for the sick on the altar. My body became hot and I was filled with happiness. After the prayer, Dr. Lee and the congregation praised with the song 'Jesus'. I was giving praise in a pair of stilettos, but there was no pain in my back at all. I came to be sure that I was healed.

I had my backbone tested again. My doctor was astounded while comparing the test result before prayer with the test result after prayer. "Your spinal column used to be bent at fifteen degrees, but now it has become almost normal."
I give thanks to Father God who healed me. Hallelujah!

1. Before prayer (May 31, 2011)
2. After prayer (June 24, 2011)

Medical Terminology

Scoliosis is a bend of more than ten degrees in the backbone for no reason. Women suffer from it one and half times as much as men. It mainly occurs in the teens.

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