[A Letter from Abroad] I Was Saved from the Danger of Lung Cancer through Intercession and Muan Sweet Water

| Manmin News No. 303 | 2012-09-16

Pastor Fernando Borbon (Costa Rica Ambassador to Guatemala)

Pastor Fernando Borbon is giving Dr. Lee's book The Message of the Cross to Dominican Republic Vice President in November 2011 (Right)

The Lord saved me from death once again. In January, 2012, I couldn't stop coughing all day. My family woke up from sleep due to my severe coughing. I was having difficulties in my work place. I could stop coughing only when I preached.

On March 3, 2012, I went to a medical center in Guatemala. My MRI scan showed an 18mm-long-lump. It was hyperadenosis that was suspected to be an early stage of lung cancer. My doctor said he would be able to tell if I should have surgery or not four months later.

On July 22, 2012, I went to the hospital again. I received the test result that showed no sign of the lump. The doctor said he didn't know how the lump and all symptoms were gone. I told him it was the power of prayer. How do you think the Lord healed me?

I asked pastors, brothers, and sisters in Manmin Central Church and churches where I had preached to pray for me. And I drank Muan Sweet Water I brought from Manmin Central Church. Muan Sweet Water is sweet drinkable water that is changed from salty seawater at Muan, Korea by Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. It contains divine healing power. That is, I recovered my health by the love of the Lord. In upcoming October, 2012, I will go to the 30th Anniversary Events of Manmin Central Church. I give all thanks and glory to the living God.

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