I was healed of 60 years of asthma and 13 years of arthritis on knees

| Manmin News No. 325 | 2013-03-10

Deaconess Yujung Jang(aged 69, 3-32 Parish)

One day in 2006, I was reading the Bible on the subway. A man came to me and gave me something. It was a copy of Manmin News that included the testimony of Deacon Yunseop Kim who had been physically disabled with the certificate of the most serious level of disability. The man was Deacon Kim himself.

At that time, I relied on a cane due to right-sided hemiplegia that was caused after I received surgery on brain tumor. I was also suffering from asthma and arthritis on my knees.

Reading the testimony, I was amazed and happy thinking, 'Is it real for such a miracle to happen?' I had a longing heart to go to Manmin Central Church.

After experiencing the love and power of God in services and prayer

In September, 2006, I attended Friday All-night Service that was held at 11 P.M. on Friday. While preaching, Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee explained about the deep parts of the spiritual world in an understandable way, which caused me to realize the will of God properly. I was filled with the Spirit during the second half of Friday All-night Service.

I felt joyful and happy as though I had come into Heaven. Then, I registered in Manmin Central Church.

Dr. Lee seemed very busy but he met the church members before the service every week and prayed for them to receive answers and healing from God. Through the time, my symptom of right-sided hemiplegia got better and not long after I came to walk without the cane. Additionally, I came to have better eyesight so I came to see things without eye glasses. Hallelujah!

Leading a happy and healthy life even in my old age

On January 2, 2013, more amazing works happened to me. I was in Daniel Prayer Meeting that is held every night. I was coughing a lot due to asthma. I prayed earnestly, "Father God! I can't pray due to asthma. Please heal me of it."

All of a sudden, I felt nausea and went to bathroom. I vomited a mass of something. Then, I stopped coughing and was healed of asthma that had caused me troubles for 60 years. I hadn't been healed of asthma that I had suffered from chronically ever before, but I was healed after I received Dr. Lee's prayer of blessing in New Year's Service.

On January 8, 2013, as usual I was taking note of 'Summary of Previous Sermon' that appeared on Church Weekly Bulletin. Suddenly, inspiration of the Spirit came upon me and I felt like my body was on clouds. Then, I was healed of arthritis to my knees that I had had for 13 years! Now I was able to go up and down stairs and have no pain with bended knees in prayer.

I give all thanks and glory to God who blesses me to lead a healthy and happy Christian life even in my old age.

He once had to wear a brace for his backbone and sleep upright in a sitting position, but now he came to ride a bike.

After receiving Dr. Lee's prayer, he was completely healed and came to have a happy family.

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