"I am happily extending the kingdom of God in a God-given business"

| Manmin News No. 341 | 2013-06-30

Elder Seokil Yun with his wife, three daughters, and grandchildren (Chungju Manmin Church, South Korea)

After I was healed of herniated lumbar disc through meeting God…

After my business failed in Seoul in 1996, I moved alone to Jincheon, Chungbuk Province and helped with my sister's business. In January, 1997, my other family members came and again we lived together. At that time, my wife Kyunghee Kim, now Deaconess Kim, looked quite different; her appearance became bright. She had been oppressed with worries because of my failure, but she had been guided to Dr. Jaerock Lee's two-week consecutive Special Revival Meeting. She received grace and regained peace in her heart at the Revival.
She started to attend Cheongju Manmin Church, ministered to by Pastor Seokgyu Mun, and she talked to me about Dr. Lee's word of life and powerful works. I also then listened to Dr. Lee's sermon tapes "The Message of the Cross" that she had given me and received great grace. Right then, I began attending the church too.
I was leading a happy Christian life since I could feel the love of God through Dr. Lee's messages delivered via a simultaneous relay system. Joy and thanks overflowed in my heart when I repaired and maintained every part of sanctuary and volunteered to drive for church members.
In 1993, I had been hospitalized and received outpatient treatment for 11 months because of a herniated lumbar disc while working for a company. Due to this, I could not do any work that requires strength. But in 1998, I was healed! When I received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick from the altar during the service I felt like somebody touched my back and I was completely healed. Hallelujah!
Afterwards, I set my goal: to fulfill my duty as an elder and to be great source of strength for God's kingdom and the shepherd. I longed to take care of church affairs and pray as much as I wanted.
In the spring of 2011, I was given an opportunity to open my own business. My previous workplace provided me with things necessary for my business foundation instead of severance pay and I opened a business in a container office. I labeled my business 'Jushin' Corporation. 'Jushin' literally means 'given'. 'Ju (主zhǔ)' means 'lord', that is, the Lord for me, and 'shin (信xìn) means 'believe'. In other words, it stands for 'God-given company established on belief in the Lord'.

I tried to walk the right path

My company started up in the guidance of God. Its main business is engaged in selling hydraulic valves and cylinders that are essential parts of a product line used in factories and the company repairs and assembles the machines on location. I had to buy the products in advance before I set up my business. Thankfully, suppliers offered them to me even without asking for security even in such economic recession that we were in. They even encouraged me to make my business flourish quickly.
In September, 2011, I finally started up the business after receiving Dr. Lee's prayer of blessing. God blessed me to enjoy high sales from the first month.
I tried hard to walk the right path God wants and to think as my customers might think. When the buyers for whom I had provided service in my former workplace called me and ordered the products, I referred them with the company that I had worked for. I did not seek my own benefit, so God blessed me to have many new clients through word of mouth. As trust relationship with clients was being built, my business became stable. In February, 2012, I was blessed to move from the container office to an office in a shopping building.
I desire to share blessings that I have received through the God-given business with my church and for the salvation of souls. To do so, I am running to become a true child who resembles the Lord. I give all thanks and glory to God who has guided me to have hope for New Jerusalem the best dwelling place in Heaven and live for His kingdom.

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