"Thank You, Lord for healing my family members and leading us to the way of life"

| Manmin News No. 343 | 2013-07-14

Deacon Gyan Bahadur Rai (left), his wife Santi Rai (left on the front), his son Joshua Rai (behind his wife), and his sister's family and his sister-in-laws

Deacon Gyan Bahadur Rai (Manmin Mission Center, Nepal)

I was born in an isolated country town in Nepal. I accepted the Lord in 2002. But I could not realize the true meaning of faith, so I attended church to build fellowship with others.
In 2005, I got to know Pastor Grace Lee who ministers to the Manmin Mission Center in Nepal through Elder Bhabindra Rai. It brought a great change to my Christian life. I felt pureness when I visited Manmin Mission Center for the first time. And the members seemed very happy while offering up services together with the congregation of Manmin Central Church in Seoul, South Korea via GCN TV.
Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee emphasized that we must keep God's commandments, cast off sin, and lead sanctified lives if we truly believe God. I was amazed by the lucid explanations of his spiritual messages. I read Dr. Lee's representative book The Message of the Cross to learn more.
Reading the book, I clearly understood that the Lord redeemed us from our sins and opened the way of salvation through His crucifixion. I realized that God is pleased with children who cast off sins and become sanctified. From that time on, I came to long for his messages all the more.
In 2007, I heard that Dr. Esther Chung, President of Manmin International Seminary would lead a Pastors' Seminar in Nepal. I participated in it with a longing heart. It was there that I learned the message of the cross and the measure of faith in great depth.
I constantly listened to Dr. Lee's messages through GCN TV and gained even deeper realization. So, I tried to live by the Word of God and even recovered good health. I used to have many diseases such as pertussis, gout, gastrointestinal disorder, headache, asthma, and 28-year-lasting chronic allergy. However, I was healed of all of them by Dr. Lee's prayer on GCN TV.
All my family members have led happy Christian lives and experienced the power of God. Santi Rai my wife was healed of asthma and headache and Joshua Rai my son of pertussis.
My mother-in-law had cervical ulcers and planned to get an operation. Before the operation, her health deteriorated so Pastor Grace Lee prayed for her with the handkerchief on which Dr. Lee had prayed (Ref: Acts 19:11-12). Then, her health got better and she no longer needed operation as seen in the reexamination result. Hallelujah!
In this way, my Lord of love healed not only me but also all family members of our diseases and led us to the way of life. Also, I was blessed to be a worker for Manmin Mission Center, Nepal so that I can live for the glory of God. I am in charge of the management of church and general administrative works. I can't say how happy I am.
I give all thanks and glory to God who allowed me to realize the truth and bestowed me hope for Heaven.

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