I've been healed of acute hepatitis A!

| Manmin News No. 96 | 2007-05-28

~ Mi-ae Kim (3 Young Adults' Mission)

On March 1 of this year, I came down with high fever and vomiting. In the following 3-4 days, I lost 4 kilograms (about 9 pounds) and my body grew rapidly weak. As I threw up whatever I ate, I didn't want to even smell any food.
On March 6, I went to a nearby hospital for a blood test and the following day, the doctor there wrote me a referral and urged me to go to a larger hospital. On March 8, I went to Chung-ang University Medical Center and underwent another exam, which revealed that I was diagnosed with acute hepatitis A, that liver level was 50 times higher (1,900) than the average level (0~40), and that my body was showing signs of jaundice.
I wondered, "Why has this disease found me?" I soon realized that I had not worshipped God in spirit and in truth and that I had failed to pray from the heart. I repented of my wrongdoings and on Sunday, March 11, I received handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12) from Rev. Mi-kyung Lee, general guidance pastor of the Youth Mission. Anxiety I had been feeling for days disappeared as peace settled in my heart, and I became convinced that I'd been healed.
Quite wondrously, I could eat the kind of food I had been unable and unwilling to have. I could also tell that I had no trouble with digestion either.
An examination on my next visit to the hospital the following day revealed that the liver level had dropped back to the normal level of 40 and jaundice had also disappeared. The doctor said he had never witnessed anything quite like it and was stunned by the speed of improvement in my condition. I was back at work by Monday, March 19.
I underwent another examination on April 20 and was told that everything, including my liver, was functioning normally and there was no sign of jaundice. Hallelujah!

Results of liver-function examination

1. Before receiving prayer: high level of liver level
2. After receiving prayer: liver level returned to normal level

Hepatitis A: an acute infectious liver disease most commonly transmitted by the orofecal route, such as contaminated water or food
Hepatitis B: also known as "serum hepatitis"; most commonly transmitted by injection or sexual contact

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