"After healed of pneumothorax, I came to praise God all the more!"

| Manmin News No. 382 | 2014-04-13

Deaconess Sunwoo Lee (aged 49, 1-2 Parish in South Korea)

My right rib was fractured and my lung was damaged in 2003 so I had a chest tube inserted. It caused me to seek medical treatment even when I just got a cold or bronchitis. I was not only sick physically but I also felt distressed spiritually just like a dry land. For this I read many books of famous pastors and prayed. But, though they temporarily had a positive influence, my spiritual thirst wasn't satisfied.

In January 2010 I found Dr. Jaerock Lee's book Spirit, Soul, and Body at the place of my sister-in-law, Deaconess Sunok Lee, and read it. The book talks about New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2), God's planning of human cultivation, and whole spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23) which I had never heard about before. It amazed me. In June 2010 I registered in Manmin Central Church ministered to by Dr. Lee and started a renewed Christian life.

I who had been a gospel singer became a soloist of the church's Performing Arts Committee. But I had a problem. While preparing for the special song I regularly give during worship service, I got a cold or a respiratory disease. It caused my voice to fail and I had to rely on medicine. This same situation occurred repeatedly and I felt ashamed of myself because I was unable to show faith in the church where the power of God unfolds.

I was determined to pass this trial. It happened as I prepared for the special performance given on December 6, 2013. I got a cold so I coughed and had phlegm and the symptoms got worse. When the day was just around the corner, I had hemoptysis and chest pain that was like poking the chest with a sword. But I didn't go to hospital because I had made a decision to be healed by faith. I received prayer from Mrs. Boknim Lee, President of Manmin Prayer Center and Pastor Heejin Lee, Chairperson of Performing Arts Committee. Then, I was able to offer up the special song safely.

To get healed of the problem completely with faith, I had a specific examination done in a hospital. Chest CT revealed my right lung was abnormal and I had recurrent pneumothorax (Ref: It is an abnormal collection of air or gas in the pleural space that separates the lung from the chest wall and which may interfere with normal breathing.) Afterwards, I looked back upon myself and repented of my shortcomings until Dr. Jaerock Lee came from his mountain prayer.

I repented that I had wanted to reveal myself and gain recognition from the church members by giving a special song in the service. Then, I prepared myself to receive his prayer for healing. On December 29, 2013 I received his prayer with an earnest heart. I immediately stopped coughing and phlegm also decreased. It all finally stopped on the following day. I was so happy!

I received assurance that I had been healed so I had testing done again on January 15, 2014. My doctor told me the good news saying, "Pneumothorax disappeared. You now have a clean and healthy lung." Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me of a chronic lung disease and allowed me to praise God with a healthy body.

Before prayer (December 9 2013): pneumothorax in the right lung (yellow arrow)
After prayer (January 15 2014): no pneumothorax, normal

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