"After throwing away idols, I was healed and became healthy!"

| Manmin News No. 396 | 2014-07-20

Sister Miyako Shimodaira, aged 76, Iida Manmin Church in Japan

I had attended worship services at Iida Manmin Church in Japan guided by an acquaintance, but I didn't register. However, every time church members visited my home, my heart opened little by little. In January 2013, Pastor Eunkyung Ryu paid me a visit and talked about Jesus Christ, Heaven, and Hell. I was given faith in her messages and desire to go to church. From that time on I attended church every week.

One day we had family worship with Pastor Seungkil Ryu. Through him, I learned about idolatry in detail. In Japan, family shrines or Kamidana (miniature household altars) are commonly found. Many houses are decorated with such altars or many other idols that God hates. Since I grew up in such a country, idol worshiping was something natural to me. I didn't know what a great sin it is in God's sight. Right after I learned God hates them, I threw all of them away including ancestral shrines, Kamidana, and a golden ornament with dragons carved on it, Maneki-neko (Japanese lucky charm), and so on.

After that God started to give me a lot of blessings both in spirit and body. Most of all I came to be able to worship God in spirit and truth during services and pray every day by the grace of God. I was given the assurance of salvation while reading Dr. Jaerock Lee's book The Message of the Cross. I realized how important circumcision of heart is. Since I began offering the tithe of my income, I have had good harvests in my farming works.

Moreover, I was healed of many diseases and became healthy. After receiving Pastor Seungkil Ryu's prayer with the handkerchief on which Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed, I was healed of high blood pressure and anemia that had troubled me for more than seven years. After drinking Muan Sweet Water, I was also healed of reflux gastritis from which I had been suffering for two years (Muan Sweet Water is sweet drinkable water that was changed from the salty seawater that comes from the sea in front of Muan Manmin Church in Muan, Jeonnam Province by the prayer of Dr. Jaerock Lee).

I am also very happy to have been healed of the after-effects of frostbite that had caused pain in my toes for 16 years. My ten toes had bled every winter, and because of it I was unable to walk. I had to put a bandage around my feet so I wore men's socks and bigger shoes than my size. It made it much harder to walk. But after receiving Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick from the altar and spraying Muan Sweet Water on my feet, the symptoms were completely gone. Hallelujah!

My latest check-up showed that my eyesight on the right side, which had fallen to 0.6 due to surgery for cataracts, recovered to 1.5. It is because I sprayed Muan Sweet Water in my eyes by faith instead of eye drops. I give all thanks and glory to God who taught me how much He hates idolatry and gave me blessing of good health in this old age.

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