"I give thanks to God for giving me a son, good health, and happiness"

| Manmin News No. 406 | 2014-09-28

Deacon Youngju Kim, age 44, 2-16 Parish in South Korea

Registering in Manmin in December 1995, I felt thankful for the grace of salvation and worked for the kingdom of God diligently. Meantime, I met Deaconess Kyungja Cho and we got married in 2001.

I was even blessed to have Dongeun, my son (now, aged 7) by Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer after our seven-year childless marriage. But soon my Christian life changed into that of a newcomer because I started using my job as an excuse. I worked until late at night for a private math academy and didn't pray.

On December 25 in 2010, I repented of my past lukewarm Christian life and began praying. But there was one thing in my way: it was movies. I liked action movies so much that I had watched almost all of them available. I sometimes skipped prayer to watch them or watched even sensual genres of them. I was getting distanced from God's love. Knowing I shouldn't do so, I once deleted the movies on the computer but soon I downloaded them again. I repeated this several times.

On July 28, 2014, I was back from work and accessed a movie website. After a moment of hesitation, I ended up watching a movie again. From the moment I got pain on my lower abdomen. At first it was not so severe, so I didn't really care too much. The next day I had intermittent pains, but it was not to the extent that I was disturbed. But that night the pain was very severe when I lied on the bed.

I even had difficulty in breathing around 3 A.M. on Wednesday and was rushed to emergency room. The test revealed my appendix was about to burst and the doctor told me to have a surgery right away. If it got worse, my life would be put at risk. I asked my wife to prepare things for me being hospitalized and told her that I wanted to receive my District Leader's prayer.

At 9:30 A.M. District Leader Yunsook Song came and prayed for me with the handkerchief on which Dr. Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12). She prayed not for my surgery but that I would be healed by faith in the space of the shepherd. Then she said, "If you have an operation, you can't join Summer Retreat, can you? You know Senior Pastor's power is really great." And she left. After the prayer, I felt refreshed and pain alleviated. I was given faith that I would be healed by Dr. Lee's prayer. So I left hospital immediately, came home, changed clothes, and went straight to Manmin Prayer Center's Divine Healing Meeting.

I repented that I had liked movies more than God. I received Manmin Prayer Center President Boknim Lee's prayer. Then remaining pain was gone. The only symptom that remained was that I felt very full after eating a half bowl of rice.

I attended the meeting everyday till Friday and prayed for complete healing. Of course, I deleted all the films in my computers both in office and at home. And with a longing heart, I joined Manmin Summer Retreat 2014 that started from August 4.

I was listening to Dr. Lee's message during the Seminar on the first night of the Retreat, when I passed gas many times. I thought God was healing me of my appendicitis completely. I received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick in the ensuing Divine Healing Meeting. Then I could eat well and even after eating two bowls of rice I felt very comfortable. I had a CT scan on September 1st and it showed that I was completely healed of appendicitis. Hallelujah!

Before prayer, swollen appendix due to inflammation

After prayer, normal appendix

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