"God healed me of many diseases including incurable hepatitis B!"

| Manmin News No. 407 | 2014-10-05

Deaconess Hyangsoon Kim, age 51, Gwangju Manmin Church in South Korea

In 1998, I saw a poster that was publicizing Dr. Jaerock Lee's sixth Special Revival Meeting on the way to a prayer center in Mt. Mudeng in Gwangju. Deaconess Hyunju Heo, my friend (now in Yeosu Manmin Church) had given me the book Tasting Eternal Life before Death before and I had read it. The poster said the book's author would lead the meeting! I went to Gwangju Manmin Church and joined the meeting via simultaneous video service. I received a lot of grace.

I registered into Gwangju Manmin Church ministered to by Pastor Hyeongryeol Park. Not long after the registration, I was healed of chronic otitis media that I had had for seven years when I met Dr. Lee with our church members and received his prayer. After the prayer, I felt warmth moving throughout my whole body and I was healed. Soon I was also healed of hepatitis B. I was born as a hepatitis B carrier so I had sometimes suffered from headaches, pain in eyes and vomiting. I was often exhausted and lethargic, which made me hard to live a normal life outside of home. But all the pain disappeared and I no longer vomited.

I also had had a problem in my right hip joint since I was born. At the age of four I even fell down. Since then my right hip joint had been dislocated frequently and thereupon I limped. It caused my right leg to grow abnormally and made a lot of discomfort. From the end of 2012, I even had pain in ankles, shins, and knees so I needed to rely on a crutch.

I couldn't sleep due to pain but I relied only on God. In the meantime, I was given assurance of healing and on May 17 in 2013, I received Dr. Lee's prayer. Suddenly pain vanished and I immediately came to walk without the crutch. Even tiredness and lethargy disappeared and I was healed of hepatitis B completely. Hallelujah!

Elder Jongseon Mun, my husband, was also healed of lethargy and low blood pressure. Now he is working for Seoul Joongang Asset Inc. Honam branch as a sales support manager and receiving great blessing. We enjoy giving God offerings. Now I am a soloist and my husband is a conductor of the choir in my church. I give all thanks and glory to God who lets us glorify Him.

[Serum test] Before prayer : Antigen-positive for hepatitis B
After prayer : Antigen-negative for hepatitis B

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