"I Was Healed of Sudden Deafness and Set Free from Risk of Going Blind"

| Manmin News No. 423 | 2015-01-25

Pastor Changmi Lee, age 60, Osaka Manmin Church, Japan

In January 2014, I saw things like small worms in my vision. I went to hospital to get a precise diagnosis. The test result was something unexpected; I had a macular hole and without medical treatment I would go blind. In July things looked blurry and I was unable to distinguish hues of color. I could not work on the computer nor could I read the Bible and other books.

I began praying and looking back upon myself to figure out why I was out of God's protection. Then God allowed for me to envision Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee who loves every one of the church members and leads them to live as God's holy children who are separated from the world. I was moved and repented thoroughly of what I was short of as a pastor.

On August 1 in 2014, I visited South Korea to participate in the Manmin Summer Retreat and received Senior Pastor's prayer. After that my vision became clear. Hallelujah!

In 2009, I was healed by his prayer of sudden deafness in my left ear. I recalled my burning heart that I had had when I first learned the holiness gospel. I was enthusiastic at spreading it in Japan and opened my church.

During this incident, God restored my first love and allowed me to push ahead with my mission work more earnestly. I give all thanks and glory to God.

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