Interview_"I Was Healed of Angina and Hepatitis C"

| Manmin News No. 431 | 2015-03-22

Deaconess Youngja Kwon, age 63, Parish 32

I had hepatitis C for the last seven years. Recently I felt abnormal symptoms in my body, so I went to the hospital.

The doctor said my liver-somatic index increased up to 500 and told me that I needed to receive an injection. But after the injections, I had pain. After the third injection, I had a great pain in my heart which felt like it was constricted. I could not eat anything.

So I had to go to hospital again. After echocardiography, the doctor said that my blood vessels were blocked because of angina. I was supposed to have surgery quickly.

I sat on the hospital bed and repented of my past wrongdoings. And I prayed with tears, "Please bore through the blockage of my heart." The next day, I received Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer recorded on the Automated Response System (822-830-5320). And I was moved to an operating room.

In the room, my doctor said in surprise, "I definitely saw it…it is weird!" He kept saying it, and then said to me, "Your heart is normal. It is very healthy." The blockage of my blood vessels was gone! Hallelujah! It was found that I was even healed of the hepatitis C!

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