"My Father Was to Stay Crippled, But Now He Is Driving a Car!"

| Manmin News No. 432 | 2015-03-29

Brother Puneet, age 18, Delhi Manmin Church, India

▲ From left, Puneet's first younger sister Aarti, father Banwali Lal, mother Vimla, Puneet, and his second younger sister Bulbul

From the age of five, I lived in pain due to epilepsy and suffered from a heavy headache and dizziness. I took some medicine, but nothing worked. My family went to Hindu temples for my healing but my symptoms just got worse.

To make matters worse, in March of 2012 my father, who had worked as an engineer for a factory, was found to have tuberculous spondylitis and had surgery for it. However, the operation went wrong, which paralyzed my father from waist down. He was going to have to live lying on the bed for the rest of his life with his disabled body. We were faced with financial problems, and my mother started to work for a clothing shop as a clerk for a living.

In the meantime, she learned about Delhi Manmin Church from our neighbor. She asked Pastor John S. Kim of the church, to visit our place. With him we offered a worship service to God. At that time, he showed us the video that presents the powerful ministry of Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee. I was amazed.

In June, 2012, my family members accepted the fact that God is the only one true Deity and we accepted the Lord Jesus. We started to attend the church, but since my father couldn't go to church, Pastor Kim gave him Dr. Lee's book The Message of the Cross in Hindi and helped him to have faith. He visited my father regularly and prayed for him with the handkerchief on which Dr. Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12).

While reading The Message of the Cross aloud for him, I felt my heavy headaches go away little by little.

One day, my father said he had had a dream. He saw all of us being taken up into the air and he found himself left alone. He called out, "Lord! Lord" and cried. He woke up from the dream. He looked back upon his past life, recalling the messages he had heard. He repented that he had felt uncomfortable for his family after discord with them over money and property matters. He repented of the hatred in him.

In February 2013, my father received the prayer of the handkerchief again. Then it was amazing that his dead nerves were regenerated! He got back sensation in his lower body and became able to move it. And he attended the church. When he saw the painting of the rapture on the altar, he was astounded because he had seen it in the dream.

In November 2014, my father was completely healed when he received Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick via GCN live broadcasting on Sunday. He now has no difficulty walking at all. He even drives a delivery tricycle named 'tempo'. He volunteers for the church with driving.

I was healed of epilepsy as well. I used to remain in the lower ranks in school, but recently my school grades have improved. I even received a scholarship. I play the drums in church as a volunteer worker. Additionally, my sister was healed of a high fever, and my mother recovered from pain over her whole body.

My family all converted to Christianity from Hinduism. All of the intertwined problems including diseases were unraveled. Our neighbors heard about our testimonies and came to church. I give all thanks and glory to God who is the only true living Deity. Hallelujah!

Puneet was healed of heavy headaches while reading the book The Message of the Cross aloud for his father who was paralyzed from waist down

The MRI before Bawariral was healed: thoracic vertebrae 2 and 3 were damaged due to tuberculous spondylit

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