"I Was Healed of Hepatitis B and Bad Eyesight Caused by Diabetes"

| Manmin News No. 433 | 2015-04-05

Deaconess Hisikt, age 49, Mongolia Manmin Church

I spent six years suffering from diabetes and hepatitis B. My eyesight even became bad from about four years ago. I had difficulty reading books and working.

In retrospect, I thought about the love of God who had answered me and healed me. Through the handkerchief of power and Muan Sweet Water I had been healed when I got bruised or a cold or caught fever (Acts 19:11-12). When my son left home for three months with no contact, we received Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer and he came back home in three days.

Though having experienced such works of God, I was not relying perfectly on God. So I repented of it and looked back upon myself and checked if I had lived by the Word of God. I offered up prayer with fasting.

I thoroughly repented and received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick every service via GCN live broadcasting of worship services (www.gcntv.org). Moreover, I tried to practice goodness to please God and spread the gospel to others.

In January 2014, the medical test results showed that blood glucose level had dropped and hepatitis B was cured. I even gained better eyesight that I now can read books without glasses and have no difficulty in working. Hallelujah!

Above all, I am so grateful to have peace in mind because I had great mental and physical pains due to diseases. Now I recall God's love in any kind of situations and give thanks and rejoice. I give all thanks and glory to God.

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