"I Was Healed of Small Cell Lung Cancer and Paralytic Strabismus!"

| Manmin News No. 435 | 2015-04-19

Deaconess Youngnam Yang, age 79, Daejeon Manmin Church

Deaconess Youngnam Yang's family living in God's answers and blessings

In early 2013, I received mail concerning my medical check-up from the National Health Insurance Corporation. After the check-up, I was told that something must be wrong with my body. I talked about it to my youngest daughter, and she took me to hospital in a hurry, and let me undergo tests like gastroscopy, a blood test, and a lung scan. The result showed that I seemed to have lung cancer.

I again went to a bigger university hospital, and had a CT scan and bronchoscopy. The CT scan revealed nothing, but bronchoscopy result came out one month later in September and it showed that I had small cell lung cancer. It grows in the bronchus, and about 20% of lung cancer is this small cell lung cancer. Since it spreads quickly, if it is not treated at a proper time, the person is very likely to die.

My doctor expected me to survive only for about four months. I did not know about it at that time, though. The cancer cells were in a connecting part between my big bronchus tube and lung, and it was impossible for me to have surgery because of my old age. My children gathered together, and then told me that they were going to receive Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer with one mind.

I was surprised to hear about my disease, but I believed that I would be healed because I had witnessed many people healed of cancer. My children fasted and prayed earnestly, and they even offered up tithes that I had not given.

In October 2013, all my family—even with my unbelieving children went to Central Church in Seoul to receive his prayer. I repented that I had disliked my daughter going to church so I had torn the Bible, and I had worshiped idols. Senior Pastor interceded for me and prayed that I had done so without knowing God and asked Him to forgive me. Amazingly, I was healed of cancer instantly. Hallelujah!

After experiencing the work of God, I became happy to lead a Christian life. In November 2014, I did a registration transfer of land that my late husband had bought. But things did not go as well as I wanted. Then hatred and anger arose in me. I even lost my appetite in the anger and quickly became weaker and weaker.

I even lost seven kilograms so I could not walk by myself. In December, I had a pain from my left temple, ear, and to chin. My MRI scan showed I had trigeminal neuralgia accompanying facial paralysis and severe pain. Fortunately, I received Rev. Heesun Lee, Manmin World Guidance Pastor's prayer of handkerchief, and pain was gone and I was healed (Acts 19:11-12).

But later my hands were numb, and my soles burned with pain. In January 2015, my right eye was losing eyesight, and things looked overlapped and roads looked rugged. I fell down and got hurt several times. It was medically diagnosed as paralytic strabismus. I could not roll my eyeballs. My doctor said that there seemed to be a problem in my brain cells, and urged me to go to a university hospital.

I already have an experience of divine healing, so I prepared myself to receive the prayer. I repented that I had hated others and got angry while I was transferring the land's registration and that I had heard untruthful words that God prohibits.

In February, during Lunar New Year's holidays, I went to Seoul with my children and received the prayer. I felt strengthened and came to have joy. I became more assured of healing. At 8 P.M. on that day, my sixth daughter called me "Mom". I looked at her. And she said my eyeballs were rolling well. My hands no longer felt numb, pain on the soles of my feet were gone, and I recovered appetite and strength and gained weight. On March 2, I had a MRI scan done again and it showed my brain and eyes were all normal! Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me so that I can live a healthy and happy life at this old age. Thank you for praying for me, Senior Pastor.

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