"I Am Happy to Praise the Lord"

| Manmin News No. 444 | 2015-06-21

Pastor Vered Chen Rozen, age 52, Living Stone Church in Israel

I participated in the Crystal Music Festival with my church members. The various genres of performances and the grace-filled messages were amazing. I was deeply moved by the fact that we praised and worshipped the name of Jesus Christ together.

A man came who became dear to my heart. It was Dr. Jaerock Lee, the world revivalist. In July 2008, he came to my church in Tel Aviv and delivered God's love. He showed amazing works of power. In September, 2009, he led Israel United Crusade in ICC, Jerusalem. By his prayer, countless people were healed and testified to their healing. My family also experienced an amazing, unforgettable incident.

My family lives in the Philippines. At that time all my family members were being concerned about my pregnant sister because her husband was suspected of having been AIDS infected without knowing its cause.

Since the crusade was broadcast live via many broadcasters and over the Internet, my family received the prayer and we greatly longed for him to be healed. Then the blood test revealed that my sister, her husband, and their baby were all healthy. Hallelujah!

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