"The 7.62cm Ovarian Tumor Was Gone!"

| Manmin News No. 456 | 2015-09-13

Senior Deaconess Sunja Choi, age 47, Parish 13, South Korea with her husband Brother Sungik Cho and son Brother Youngoh Cho

On May 11, 2015, I had abdominal ultrasonic exam and endoscopic examination of the large intestine. It revealed that I had functional gastrointestinal disorder. Worse, the transvaginal sonography and CT scan of my abdomen showed that I had ovarian tumor which was as big as 7.62cm. The doctor urged me to have a surgery immediately because the tumor was so big. But I wanted to find my spiritual problems and to receive healing by faith.

I attended the Divine Healing Meeting held by Manmin Prayer Center. Through the center's President Mrs. Boknim Lee's message, I looked back upon my relationship with God, and my family and other people. Offering up prayer and fasting, I repented that in my arrogance I had mistakenly thought I had been doing well pointing out faults of others and 'teaching' them rather than serving them. I insisted on my opinions, passed judgment and condemnation on others, and felt uncomfortable toward them.

On June 4, when I went to the rest room, I saw scarlet blood coming out from me. Because I had wanted to see the sign of God's healing, I thought it a process of His healing.

On June 5, I was doing volunteer work for a church event and I felt very happy. After offering up the service, Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for all people who came and shook hands with all of them. I received his prayer with faith and shook hands with him. For the next five days, clean scarlet blood continued to come out, and I was feeling my body being refreshed. Since last year I was also suffering from frozen shoulder so I could not use my left arm well. But after I met Dr. Lee, my pain was gone and I could move my left arm freely.

Afterwards, I met Mrs. Boknim Lee. As she recommended, I listened to Dr. Lee's sermons "Spiritual Love" and "Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit" and offered up vowed prayer. As I reflected upon myself with the Word of God and I realized that I had many forms of evil. I started to practice the Word with prayer.

On June 17, I felt that my body had recovered quite a bit. I went to the hospital again and the retest showed that the 7.62cm lump became smaller; it was just 1.95cm. At that time, I shed tears feeling the love of God who worked for me although what I did was only repenting and trying to be renewed. I got better from the functional gastrointestinal disorder too. Hallelujah!

Moreover, I became full of thanks because I repented that I had not been able to give thanks in everything. I felt grateful to stay healthy and to be able to offer up service, pray, and fulfill my duty thanks to my husband's consideration and hard work. All my days given to me were so precious as were the reasons for giving thanks to God. I also felt the love of God who guides us in His delicate love.

As I offered up District, Sub-district, and Cell Leaders' Devotional Service on June 28 and attended the Leadership Conference from June 29 to July 1, I longed to achieve goodness and love that God wants us to have.

Afterwards, I realized that I had not boldly asked God feeling so sorry before Him because of my sins. I thought I had felt His love but I had not believed that love. I wanted to be healed completely in Divine Healing Meeting during Summer Retreat and glorify Him with my testimony. So I prepared for it with three-day fasting with prayer.

On July 30, I had ultrasonography to give a testimony. The result revealed that the tumor was completely gone! Hallelujah!

On August 3, as I had desired, I gave glory to God with my testimony during Summer Retreat. I felt so happy and joyful in God's love throughout the retreat. I give all thanks and glory to God of love who healed me and answered my prayer.

Before the prayer 7.62cm tumor in her left ovary
After the prayer Her left ovary void of the tumor

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