"I Was Healed of Shingles"

| Manmin News No. 458 | 2015-09-27

Sister Yejeong Lee, age 24, Young Adults' Mission, South Korea

On July 27, 2015, I got a headache. The back side of my right ear and neck became swollen. Three days later red marks appeared on my forehead. It was sore and I even felt pain in my eyes. I went to hospital and I was diagnosed with shingles. Many blisters formed and pain got worse. I felt like I was pricked with something sharp. Later I even could not open my eyes.

From August 1, I had the dry heaves, and I vomited even when I drank water. So I could not eat anything. Next day I went to the emergency room at a university hospital. The doctor told me that if shingles was spread to my eyes I would be blind. And he added that even if I was healed nobody could know when it would recur. I just got an IV injection because I could not take medicine. My face was so hideous and scary, and I was in a great pain. I even thought I wanted to die.

Before this happened, I stopped praying with the excuse of my busy schedule in college and later I even did not go to church on Sunday. I was not confident about living by the Word of God, so I did not even repent nor listen to the Word of God.

But my parents prayed with lamentation for me, their only child. And because I realized that my loving Father God did not forsake me, the Lord interceded for me, and Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee was praying with his life for a sheep even like me, I came to turn back.

On the night of August 2, I repented of my past wrongdoings. Next day I departed for Manmin Summer Retreat 2015 even though it was hard for me even to move. But it was really amazing that the pain was gone! I was given the faith that I would be healed. On August 3, during Divine Healing Meeting, I received Senior Pastor's prayer. Then the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon me. My forehead, eyes, ears and affected parts around them became hot. Then blisters became dry and scabs formed. And it was healed quickly. Hallelujah!

After I came back from the retreat, I thoroughly repented again from the bottom of my heart feeling God's great love. Afterwards, I no longer found it hard for me to live by the Word of God. This is because I realized that the Father God had waited for me as the father of a prodigal son waited for the son. I give all thanks and glory to God who is full of love.

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