"I Was on the Doorstep of Death Due to AIDS!"

| Manmin News No. 473 | 2016-01-10

Brother Bampa Sela Omer, age 65, Kinshasa Manmin Church, DR Congo

One day I became feverish and started to cough a lot. In May 2011, my body was scarred and the scars bled. Some spots appeared. Since it was so odd, I went to hospital and had a test. Then some medicine was prescribed to me.

The doctor told me that the reaction to the medicine would tell us what disease I had. And he told me to come back a week later. After I took the medicine, I vomited and felt lethargic. I went to hospital again and he prescribed another medicine and told me to come two months later.

I was weakened and could not walk or eat well. Two months later my son went to the hospital and learned that I had AIDS and I would die soon.

I was in pain because all I could do was wait for death without trying any treatment. With a faint hope, I asked pastors of the church in my neighborhood to pray for me, but there was no improvement or change at all.

While I was in this pit of desperation, my aunt who was attending Kinshasa Manmin Church gave me Dr. Jaerock Lee's books Tasting Eternal Life before Death, The Message of the Cross, and The Measure of Faith. Reading the books, a light of hope came into my heart.

I attended Kinshasa Manmin Church beginning in October 2014. I heard about the power of God manifested through Dr. Lee from Pastor Jacob Lee. I was assured that I would be healed when I relied on God.

From then I stopped taking medicine and attended every service and Daniel Prayer Meeting. I was strengthened there. I felt something supernatural in me. To receive complete healing, I watched the recorded Manmin Summer Retreat 2015 via GCN and received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick.

Then, the fire of the Holy Spirit scorched my body. At that moment, severe pain in my legs was gone and my body felt light. I had no dizziness and could move my body freely. Afterwards the spots and scars disappeared. I showed great improvement and recovered good health. Hallelujah!

I give all thanks and glory to God who restored my life.

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