"I Was Healed of My Diseases through the Handkerchief Prayer"

| Manmin News No. 477 | 2016-02-07

Brother Regina Nyambura, age 44, Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church, Kenya

In October 2010, I had a car accident and fell into coma. Six months later I came around. I had treatment for a year and three months and was finally discharged from the hospital. But the after-effects of the accident led to many diseases such as diabetes, anemia, and high blood pressure. I had to take medicine and rely on medical treatment. But I was still in pain and I could not walk and stand for a long time and I could not eat well. I lost weight and went from 86kg to 40kg.

It happened on March 8, 2015 on a Sunday morning. One of my neighbors suggested going to church together saying there would be a handkerchief meeting in her church (Acts 19:11-12). She said I could be healed if I received the prayer there. With faint hope, I went to Nairobi Manmin Holiness Church though I was very sick. When I first got in the church, it was lively and bright. Something lovely seemed to fill the space and people appeared happy.

Before the meeting, Bishop Dr. Myeongho Cheong said that we should repent before receiving the prayer. I repented that I had caused discomfort to others due to my pride. Then, Dr. Cheong explained about the handkerchief that Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed on and urged us to receive the prayer with faith. When he prayed, my body became hot and I shed many tears. And pain that I had was gone and strength was given from above.

Now I have recovered my health and am leading a healthy life. I give all thanks to the Lord who let me escape from pain caused by diseases and live a happy life. Hallelujah!

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