Renewal and Healing through Works of the Holy Spirit

| Manmin News No. 484 | 2016-03-27

The God of love is pleased with children who rely on Him with faith in Him. And He solves all kinds of their life problems and leads them to live happily without worries and anxiety. Now we will hear some testimonies from the church members who were healed through the power of the Holy Spirit in and out of Korea.

"I was healed of asthma after I shook hands with Dr. Jaerock Lee"

Deacon Byunghyup Jeon, age 47, Masan Manmin Church, South Korea
Deacon Byunghyup Jeon's family (from left, Deacon Jeon, his sons Sehyun and Younghyun, and his wife Deaconess Hyojeong Yim)

I thought I simply had a cold but the symptom was getting worse over time and I even had hard time breathing. When I took a breath, I heard strange sounds and I woke up twice or three times during night. Once I woke up it was really hard to fall asleep again. One night I had difficulty breathing and tried hard to breathe even with the windows open.

In October 2014, my medical examination showed me that I had asthma. The cause was unknown. I started to ask for God's grace attending worship services and Daniel Prayer Meeting. When I reflected upon myself with the Word of God, I realized that I had been evil and started to repent.

In February 2015, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee and kneeling down before him I told him about my disease. Then he prayed earnestly for me. After the dream, I went to Senior Pastor with the name of my disease written on my palm and shook hands with him. Then the symptoms of the asthma were all gone.
The following medical check-up confirmed that I was healed of asthma. Hallelujah!

"My fractured bones were quickly cured by space-and-time-transcending prayer"

Senior Deaconess Hyangwon Lee, age 56, Parish 15, South Korea

On November 7, 2015, while walking fast, I slipped and fell on the ground. I could not stand up. I got up with others' help but I felt a lot of pain. I was moved by ambulance to a hospital and an X-ray scan revealed that my femoral neck (bones under hip joint) was fractured.

My doctor said that I should have surgery right away to fix the bones. He told me that I should stay in bed for more than a month and rest as much as possible. That night I could hardly sleep due to the pain. I could neither turn my body nor move it. I needed my family's help to go to the restroom.

On Sunday, the following day, I sent a prayer request to Dr. Jaerock Lee who was at his mountain prayer house. At some point a little later that day I felt pain going away little by little. I was able to sleep well that night. On Monday I had no pain and could go to the restroom relying on a cane without others' help.

Next day, I could stand up all by myself without any kind of help. I was recovered quickly and came to move normally. Later I went to hospital for X-ray scanning, and I could see my fractured femoral neck's periosteum was joined very well.
I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me with His amazing power.

"The walnut-sized lump (fibroid) was gone"

Senior Deaconess Misuk Kim, age 44, Parish 1, South Korea

From early 2015, I suffered from severe menstrual pains. I felt as if my intestines were being twisted. I broke out in a cold sweat and sometimes collapsed. I had excessive menstrual bleeding and I even had bleeding when it was not the time for my period. My face was sallow, and I found it hard to go up the stairs since I had no strength. I was usually out of breath, and I had anemia and constipation. I also lost a lot of hair.

On January 4, 2016, I had an ultrasound scan of the uterus. The doctor said that I had three fibroids. The two in the middle of the uterus caused no specific problems but the other, as big as a walnut that was at the bottom, pushed against my uterus. He added it was the cause of my bleeding. He warned me if it was the worst case I would have to remove my uterus. He wrote a letter of request so that I could receive treatment in a bigger hospital.

I began looking back upon my Christian life. I had worked as a church leader but I kept evil attributes such as arrogance and pride in my heart. I also repented that I had lukewarm faith. On January 15, I received the handkerchief prayer of Rev. Heesun Lee, Guidance Pastor of Women's Mission (Acts 19:11-12). After that I still had bleeding. Two days later I had bleeding and a black lump came out from my body. From that point on I stopped bleeding and I became normal during the menstrual period.

Afterwards I prepared to be completely healed by attending Divine Healing Meeting of Manmin Prayer Center. On February 7, 2016, the church members had time to greet Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee and listen to his message. When I received his prayer for the sick and shook hands with him with faith, joy welled up from my heart and I was assured that I had been healed. I bloomed in my cheeks and I became normal. I did not have hard time breathing and had no constipation. Hallelujah!

On February 18, I went to hospital for a re-examination. The ultrasound scan showed that the fibroid that had caused bleeding and the one inside were completely gone and the remaining one became smaller, from 3cm to 2.2cm. I give all thanks and glory to God.

Before prayer

After prayer

"I read the book Spirit, Soul & Body and my life was renewed!"

Brother Reward Sibanda

Brother Reward Sibanda is an employer for one of the companies in co-operative association with GCN. He received Dr. Lee's book Spirit, Soul, & Body in NRB Convention 2015. He said he was impressed by the book and gained a deep understanding and then he shared the grace with hundreds of other Christians. This year he visited GCN's booth and extended his heartfelt thanks (Brother Reward Sibanda with GCN Director James Jaehwan Lee at GCN's Exhibition booth).

When I read Dr. Jaerock Lee's book Spirit, Soul, & Body, I was very impressed because the book can renew people's lives. I believe that there are few people who can understand God's original will and explain it to others.
Dr. Lee's book Spirit, Soul, & Body explains the core concepts of spirit, soul, and body so that even people belonging to different cultures can understand them well. I could grasp exactly what man is made of.

After reading this book, an amazing thing happened to me. I felt the Word in the Bible moving in my heart for the first time. I began to pray in a different level and realize how I should pray. I could feel the Word of God piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit and both joints and marrow. I was able to apply it to my life. This book renewed my life and everyone who reads it has been experiencing the renewal of their lives. I give my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Lee.

"I was set free from the nightly pains that made me feel like I would stop breathing and die"

Brother Chendsuren, age 35, Mongolia Manmin Church

I started to have difficulty breathing in 1999. I went to the hospital and had a check-up but no abnormality was detected. But I often woke up in the middle of night due to breathing difficulty. I felt as though someone was clapping a hand over my mouth and I was going to die. At night my heart beat faster than normal several times, and I felt as if my heart would come out through my mouth.

I was afraid of this pain of death coming to me every night. I again went to hospital and had an exam on my heart and lung and I even had psychiatric exam but I was told that I had no problem. I once relied on Lama Buddhism and shamanism but they didn't work. Because I had suffered for several years from difficulty in breathing, I had a problem in going up and down the stairs fast.

In October 2015, I had a medical test, which showed that my heart was not working normally. It was paroxysmal breathing difficulty caused by arrhythmia.

At that time I was a member of Mongolia Manmin Church, but I had been absent for a long time. In November 2015, I went to church and offered up Sunday Worship Services. The church's pastor, Pastor Botzorig prayed for me with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12). He said that Manmin Central Church's Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed on the handkerchief.

When I received the prayer, I felt something coming out of my body and my heart became peaceful. I felt good and clean. Since then I have been healthy showing no abnormality. I sleep well and I wake up normally. I feel grateful and amazed that I can live an ordinary life like this. Even when I run up and down the stairs, I have no problem. It is amazing! Hallelujah!

"I was healed of the effects of chronic malaria"

Brother Heritie Colongzi Kabasele, age 32, Kinshasa Manmin Church, DR Congo

From 2006 I suffered from serious high fever and was diagnosed with chronic malaria. I could not walk because I had pain in my side. I could not lie down straight so I had to lie on the other side. I also had a headache so I could not eat well. The symptoms came from splenic enlargement. I took medicine and received medical treatment in hospital. But there was no improvement.

In February 2006, there was Dr. Jaerock Lee's DR Congo United Crusade on Triumph Boulevard 1997 in Kinshasa, DR Congo. My father wanted me to be healed through Dr. Lee's prayer so he took me there and helped me receive his prayer for the sick.. Afterwards, I was healed of splenic enlargement.

In 2010, I began having high fever again, and it caused me to collapse suddenly in June and again in July. I was often rushed to hospital by ambulance. In 2011, I could not go to work anymore.

In January 2015, I was guided by my friend to Kinshasa Manmin Church and registered in the church. Two months later I began preparing for the church's anniversary celebration events. I was not confident due to my health condition. But I participated in the performance preparation after hearing that if I please God He will answer my prayer. I attended all of the worship services and earnestly received Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick through GCN's broadcasting.

Since then, I have had no problem in my body at all and have remained healthy. I used to suffer from headaches, sweated all over my body, and had to lie down without strength during most of my past life. Now have I become healthy and came to praise God as I wish. I am happy! Hallelujah!

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