"I Was Healed of Herpes Simplex"

| Manmin News No. 522 | 2016-12-25

Sister Euijin Lee, age 21, Chuncheon Manmin Church

I dozed off or used my smart phone during worship services without listening to the sermons. When I received grace, I would make up my mind to lead a sober Christian life but I soon fell into the world again.

Meantime, in July 2016, I experienced God. I felt troubled because of serious conflicts with my friend. When I prayed, it was solved so quickly. Afterwards, I tasted true happiness and peace that I had not felt in any place in the world. I started to pray unceasingly. In August, I went to Chuncheon where my relatives live and started attending Chuncheon Manmin Church.

I had herpes simplex from my third year in elementary school and suffered from it for twelve years. This virus is not completely cured, and when the level of immunity drops it occurs. It occurs two or three times a year, and abnormal intraocular pressure, soreness, and pain follow. Blisters form on whole eyes and even keratoconjunctivitis is accompanied. If the virus is spread to the central nervous system, it can develop into encephalitis. If it is spread in eyeballs, it may cause blindness.

On October 13, 2016, I suffered from mounting tiredness caused by my part-time job, and it caused my eyes to be infected by herpes virus again. I felt a bit frustrated at first but I made up my mind to receive healing by faith and glorify God because I had been healed of many abnormal symptoms including a cold through Dr. Lee's prayer for the sick and the handkerchief prayer (Acts 19:11-12).

After blisters formed on my eye lids, I looked back upon myself and repented. I sprayed Muan Sweet Water (Exodus 15:25) and received Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick recorded on the phone. This virus makes eyes seriously swollen and blood-shot within a day. But this time it progressed very slowly for three days. In its ordinary course, I should go to hospital quickly. However, I didn't go to hospital and didn't apply ointment. Because I believed the power of the Almighty God, I was not worried. I offered up the prayer of thanksgiving during Daniel Prayer Meeting in the evening of the day.

On October 16, fortunately, Chuncheon Manmin Church had the handkerchief healing meeting. I received the handkerchief prayer from Pastor Dongheon Kim. Then I realized my shortcoming and the love of God came into my heart. He wanted me not to suffer from the disease anymore and desired to completely heal me.

After the prayer, my eyes improved. I had suffered from high intraocular pressure caused by a rush of blood to the eyes and felt pain when I blinked due to blisters. But my eyes came to feel really comfortable. They recovered quickly, the swelling subsided, and the blood-shot eyes became normal. I was completely healed of it within three days after the prayer. Hallelujah!

I am fulfilling my precious God-given duties as a member of the choir, dance team and a leader of Young Adults Mission in Chuncheon Manmin Church. I give all thanks and glory to God who has so much love and who is so good.

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