"I Was Healed of Corneitis That Almost Blinded Me!"

| Manmin News No. 546 | 2017-06-18

Sister Seonghyun Jeong (age 21, Young Adults' Mission, center) with mother Pastor Seongsuk Choi, Seongeun (second sister), Seongkyul (eldest sister), and father Elder Taeksu Jeong

I have attended church since I was born. But after I entered middle school, I became curious about the world. In June 2010, my friend gave me color lens for my birthday gift and I started to wear them. In November, however, I started having eye problems. My eyes were bloodshot and I had discharge from my eyes. I could not even sleep because of pain in my eyes.

I continued to suffer from the symptoms. In late January 2011, I received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. It seemed to improve at first but after several months it reoccurred with a headache. Light was too bright for my eyes, so I had to leave lights off at home. Everything looked blurred. When it became really serious I could not recognize people in front of me.

Furthermore, I came down with atopic dermatitis. There was blood and sores mixed on my arms, neck, face, and legs. I shed tears every day and could not go to school.

My family tried to find the cause and found out that it was caused by my father's wrongdoing before God. Senior Pastor told us that my diseases had been caused by the spiritual cord with my father because he loved me the most. He thoroughly repented and my family members received Senior Pastor's prayer together. And I was healed of the atopic dermatitis.

But I still had the eye problems. In summer of 2012, when I went to hospital, the doctor told me with surprise that germs were about to get into my optic nerves. He said if this were to happen I would become blind, and that later I would have to have a corneal transplant because medicine could not cure it. At that time I lacked faith, so I took medicine. Two to three months later the symptoms improved.

In 2013, I became a member of the Beautiful Aroma Dance Team of the Performing Arts Committee. In fall of the same year, the eye-related symptoms reoccurred. I had problems in my daily life. My mother told me that I should solve the problems spiritually.

I met with Pastor Heejin Lee, Chairperson of Performing Arts Committee. I made up my mind to receive the healing of God. My family offered up the money for my cornea transplant to God and all family members gave vowed prayer and relay fasting. We tried to fill up the justice of repentance. My eye diseases caused me to rely on my family. I missed buses because I could not see the number, I was once almost hit by a car, and I could not trim my nails for myself. The worst thing was that I could not dance well although I really liked to dance. Even at college entrance test my eyes hurt so much that I could not demonstrate my true ability and ended up having to wait for the next year's test.

Even though I had a hard time, I did not skip worship services and tried to fulfill my duty as a member of Nazareth Choir and Beautiful Aroma Dance Team. I unceasingly prayed to completely cast off my lingering attachment to the world in Daniel Prayer Meeting.

In May 2016, Senior Pastor appeared in my dream and asked how my eyes were. I was convinced that I would receive the answer. On May 26, I shook hands with Senior Pastor with faith and made eye contact with him. From that day on I had no discharge from my eyes. I did not shed tears anymore and my eyesight began to improve.

Later the hospital test results showed that scars on my cornea were all gone, and my eyesight improved from 0.05/0.05 to 0.4/0.4. Hallelujah!

After I was healed I prepared for the college entrance exams for a short period of time. But in March 2017, I was admitted to the Korean Traditional Dance Department of a college that I wanted to enter. While I experienced the healing work for my corneitis, I met God and received the blessing for my soul to prosper. I want to change myself all the more by the shepherd's power of re-creation. I would like to glorify God through my dance. I give thanks to Senior Pastor who prayed for me.

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