"God Saved Me on the Threshold of Death!"

| Manmin News No. 553 | 2017-08-06

Brother Bampa Sela Omer, age 66, Kinshasa Manmin Church, DR Congo

I was diagnosed with AIDS and heard that I did not have long to live. I fell into despair and sorrow. Then, my aunt gave me Dr. Jaerock Lee's books Tasting Eternal Life before Death, The Message of the Cross, and The Measure of Faith, and reading them I came to have hope.

In October 2014, I began to attend Kinshasa Manmin Church and learned about Dr. Lee's powerful works. I became assured that I would be healed if I relied on God who is with Senior Pastor. I stopped taking medicine and started to attend every worship service and Daniel Prayer Meeting. As I did so, strength was given to my body.

I wanted to be completely healed. I joined Manmin Summer Retreat 2015 via GCN and received Senior Pastor's prayer. At the moment, the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I became very hot.

Afterwards, severe pain on my legs was gone, and I felt better. I no longer felt dizzy and came to move freely. My health condition showed marked improvements. All spots and wounds disappeared. I regained good health. Hallelujah!

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