"I was dying of interstitial pneumonia, but came back to life!"

| Manmin News No. 568 | 2017-11-26

Senior Deaconess Deokbun Jang, age 62, Parish 17, Manmin Central Church

On September 13, 2017, I had difficulty in breathing and became lethargic. I went to hospital for checking, but the doctor said it was nothing and told me to come again two weeks later. But after I came back, my symptoms were worsened. I was out of breath even walking a few steps. I had no strength. I had to stop and rest several times while brushing my teeth.

On September 27, I visited the hospital again and the doctor was surprised at my condition. He suggested thorough examination. I was hospitalized the next day because there was no empty room on the day of arrival. I went through blood tests, CT scan, bronchus endoscope, and the electrocardiogram. I could sense anxiety of the doctors who watched over my symptoms. Later I heard that several had come to hospital with similar symptoms and died before the causes were found.

On 29, I was finally diagnosed with interstitial pneumonia. I was in a very serious state, but I was not worried because two days later I would meet Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee who would come back from his mountain prayer house for the church's 35th anniversary.

Next day, my parish pastor came and prayed for me with the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor had prayed (Acts 19:11-12). After the prayer, the severe stabbing pain in my chest was gone, but I still had difficulty in breathing. I could not stand it without the respirator. I did not have any strength whatsoever. I couldn't move even my fingers. I kept repenting before God and endured it with hope to see the Senior Pastor.

In the morning of October 1, I left hospital by wheelchair with the help of my family though the doctors stopped me. I believed for sure that my living God would heal my disease. Before Sunday Morning Service, I entered the main sanctuary. My heart was at peace, and my only wish was to receive healing by the power of God and give glory to Him.

When I received Senior Pastor's prayer after the message, my heart became hot and I felt so warm and soft. I also felt happy. I thought, 'I've been healed of it!' I felt strengthened and walked to the parking lot after the service by myself without the wheelchair.

When I arrived at the hospital, I got out of the car and walked to the room unassisted. I could talk to other people. My condition improved to that extent. During Chuseok holidays, I received Senior Pastor's recorded prayer every morning and listened to his sermons and Manmin Praise. It was a chance for me to bear in my mind how great blessing it is to be led to this precious church by God and live with hope for Heaven.

On October 8, I was assured that I had been healed completely during Sunday Morning Service. I felt like I had got out of a dark and long tunnel. As great joy came upon me, I even wanted to dance on the altar. After the Sunday Evening Service, I came back to the hospital and had many tests. Then, I was allowed to leave hospital. Hallelujah!

On 9, the next day, the Special Daniel Prayer Meeting kicked off. From the first day, God poured down the grace of repentance upon me. Every time I went to church, I was given new strength and recovered quickly. Now I am healthy and full of my first love and God's love.

I give all thanks and glory to God who healed me, and I give thanks to Senior Pastor who prayed with love for me without making note of my shortcomings.

Before the prayer

The increase of shades in both lobus inferior pulmonis is confirmed, which implies pneumonia.

After the prayer

No pneumonia symptom is confirmed.

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