"My vision improved by the power of God!"

| Manmin News No. 577 | 2018-01-28

Deacon Sungyoon Lee, age 49, Parish 12, Manmin Central Church

During my middle school years, I was beaten by a senior in the school. My left eye was swollen so much that I couldn't open it. The swelling subsided over time but it may have caused the failing of my eyesight. From the age of 18, things looked blurred in the eye and my vision began to fail. When I was 25, I wore glasses because I couldn't see the traffic signs on the road when I drove a car. Soon my right eyesight also worsened. In the end, I relied on glasses for 25 years.

After I registered in Manmin, I witnessed countless people recover better eyesight. In 2014, I wanted to recover eyesight in earnest. In 2015, Senior Pastor said during the sermon that many with poor eyesight would restore their eyesight and urged us to be prepared. I prayed with a longing and joined volunteer work in Manmin Summer Retreat. Throughout the retreat, I received his prayers with amen.

There my eyesight didn't improve during the retreat, but I didn't lose heart. I rather came to have a stronger desire to please God. I unchangingly kept a grateful heart before God and kept hope for healing. I did volunteer work in every retreat for three years. I was more earnest when I worked in my workplace because I spent much time outside. When it rained or snowed, water splashed over my glasses and blocked my view. I became very earnest.

In December 2017, the special Christmas was around the corner, which was the day to finish the seven-year period that Senior Pastor filled the justice for us. I was happy and excited. On December 17, I was waiting for Senior Pastor to greet him. My wife told me that tears were flowing down from my eyes. I wiped them with tissues in a surprise, but I couldn't stop them.

After I shook hands with Senior Pastor, I went to Sunday Morning Service. The screen looked a little blurred, but I didn't take it seriously. During Sunday Evening Service, things looked more blurred and tears flowed down on my face constantly. I thought, 'I bought these new glasses not long ago. Is it because of them? Should I have my vision checked again?' And I took them off to wipe tears out. Right then, I was astonished!

The captions on the screen came to my eyes so clearly. 'Oh! What happened to me!' I looked around. I put my glasses on and off several times. It was certainly true that things on the screen looked clearer without glasses. My vision had already improved when I shook hands with Senior Pastor!

I went to hospital and had my eyesight checked. In fact, I had had it checked two months before, and the result was 0.2/0.2. But on the test, my eyesight was 0.9/0.9! I unknowingly said, "Wow! My eyesight improved!" Hearing this, the doctor said, "Eyesight only gets worse. It can't get better." He didn't believe me.

However, I can boldly say that my eyesight got better in a moment by the power of God the Almighty! On the day of healing, I was even healed of ringing in my ears that I had suffered from for several years. I give all thanks and glory to God of love and power.

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