"My eyes were in danger of going completely blind, but I became normal by the Spirit's fire!"

| Manmin News No. 581 | 2018-03-04

Sister Azucena Cuevas, age 85, Argentina Homecell Church

I used to have seriously bad eyesight and couldn't live without glasses. Without them, everything looked blurred, and I couldn't even distinguish colors. My eyes felt sore and painful even in a light breeze. It was really uncomfortable.

In early January 2018, I went to see an ophthalmologist and found that my eye condition was worse than I had thought. The doctor told me my left eyesight had been failing and it was even infected with a virus, so it was damaging my cornea. I was told about the danger of going completely blind.

On January 7, I listened to Senior Pastor's message during Sunday Evening Service. It was about the Lord our Healer from his sermon series "The Message of the Cross". The message touched my heart. I repented that I had relied on worldly methods although God is truly almighty and nothing is impossible for Him. After the sermon, I received Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick. Then, I was given faith for healing by his powerful prayer.

I laid my hands on my eyes and received the prayer earnestly. Right that moment, I experienced something amazing. Suddenly, big fire came out from the screen and covered my eyes and hands. I came back home after the service. I was surprised again because my front yard looked so clear, and things looked clear in the house though I hadn't turned the light on.

The next morning I went to a regular checkup for my eyes. Letters on the chart were so clear that I could read them well. The doctor was amazed and said, "I don't know what happened. Your left eye is almost normal. Even your right eyesight has improved. Your eyes are both within normal ranges." I am over eighty but I can see things even 3m away clearly. I no longer need glasses.

I give thanks to God who performed this amazing miracle transcending space and time. I extend my thanks to Senior Pastor who prayed for me.

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