"I was healed of skin cancer and poor eyesight by the Lord's love!"

| Manmin News No. 614 | 2018-10-28

Senior Deaconess Eleanor Churakov, 79, International Manmin Church, New York, USA

One evening in 2006, I was channel-surfing on TV and happened to stop at the New York public TV channel No. 17. It was showing the sermon program of Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church. His sermon was very fresh and interesting. I had never heard such a spiritually deep message though I had attended church for twenty years.

I received so much grace that it became my joy to listen to his sermon for an hour after work every day. I started to find his church's branch in my country, and Dr. Vitaly Fishberg introduced me to International Manmin Church in New York. I began to attend the church in October 2008.

Through Dr. Lee's sermons, I learned about spiritual faith by which I can bring down the answer of God. And when I saw his powerful works, I felt God's presence with Manmin. I felt glad to join every kind of worship service of Manmin on GCN and pray every night. Thankfully, I was given an opportunity to translate, edit, and proofread Dr. Lee's sermons into Russian in 2009. It helped me stay full of grace and grow in spirit.

When I worked on the book Hell, I realized the love of God who wants us to know the misery of hell, turn back from the way of death, and reach salvation. I also received grace to repent of my anger, judgment, and condemnation. I came to pray more earnestly and read the Bible more. As I tried harder to live by the Word of God and walk in Light, the Lord even healed my diseases.

I used to get sick frequently and even suffered from skin cancer from the age of 60. I searched for every means for healing of it, but nothing worked. However, I was healed of it after I attended International Manmin Church in New York and received Senior Pastor's prayer every worship service. I even gained better eyesight, so that I no longer need glasses that I had to wear for 20 years. I can read letters on my smartphone and the Bible!

Now I am 79, but I am very healthy by the grace of God. In early October 2018, I visited Korea to celebrate the church's 36th anniversary. During the visit, I had a city tour where I had to walk for quite a long time, but I made it with no problem. It was my third visit to Manmin. As years go by, the church members become more filled with love. It seems that the church never stops growing.

I want to extend my love and thanks to Senior Pastor who has taught me the will of God and the love of the Lord through the message of life and powerful works.

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