"My bowed legs were straightened!"

| Manmin News No. 617 | 2018-11-18

Deaconess Songhwa Lee, 48, Chinese Parish, Manmin Central Church

When I was a fifth grader, my desk mate in school hit my legs with firewood kept next to the stove just for fun because I crossed the line between my space and his. But my legs started to feel painful from that day on. I even could not walk well, so I sometimes went to school on my mother's back. I walked leaning against the wall to go to the restroom. I got acupuncture and had moxibustion (heat treatment), but nothing helped. My legs became more bent over time.

When I was a ninth grader, one of my relatives visited me and took a photo of me. My legs in the photo were O-shaped. I was so shocked that I thought, 'Do I have to live with these legs?' I once slept with my legs tied together and put something heavy on them, but they just hurt with no improvement. I could not walk properly. I had greater pain one or two days before rainy days, so I had to sleep curled up.

In 2006, I learned about Manmin Central Church from my mother and attended the worship service. Thankfully, since I received Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick after the sermon, I have had no pain in my legs at all even before rainy days (photo #1).

On February 18, 2018, Senior Pastor Dr. Lee prayed on the handkerchiefs of the church members (Acts 19:11-12). I put my photo in the case of my handkerchief with my heart's desire: "Let my bowed legs straighten up by the power of God." And I listened to Dr. Lee's sermons, "Love Chapter" and "Beatitudes" though I was busy and tried to renew myself and rejoice always.

On May 13, I wore a skirt to go to church and suddenly felt pretty in the mirror. But I could never even imagine that my legs would be straightened (photo #2).

A few days later, I was working in pants in my workplace. I felt my knees touch each other and immediately thought, 'Right! I received the prayer for my legs!" I went to the restroom and looked at myself in the mirror. To my surprise, my legs were straightened!

I shed many tears of joy and thanks! People said it was a miracle of God when they saw my straight legs. I give all thanks and glory to God who fulfilled my lifetime earnest desire in my heart.

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