"My daughter was healed of sudamen bullosa through handkerchief prayer!"

| Manmin News No. 622 | 2018-12-23

Hyesoon Ji (Age 33, Chinese 2nd Parish)

It was getting closer to summer in 2018, my daughter Ghayoung had skin trouble. Rashes were all over her body from her buttocks to the nape of the neck. She couldn't sleep well crying, and I was heartbroken.

The symptoms got worse, and I couldn't just watch her suffer, so I got all kinds of ointments that were said to be good for rashes and put them on her. However, the condition still only deteriorated.

Finally, I decided to take her to the hospital and asked her, "Ghayoung, shall we go to the hospital?" and she said no. I asked her again, "Then, you want to receive prayer?" Her answer was yes! She probably had seen and heard the testimonies of the church members who were healed of various diseases after receiving prayers from the senior pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee. She had more faith than I did, and I was proud of her.

At the moment Manmin Prayer Center held special healing meetings, and I attended them with my daughter. Before the meeting, Pastor Hyeon Chul Joo of the Manmin Prayer Center prayed for her with the handkerchief on which senior pastor prayed. He also explained that the illness of little children is mostly due to their parents' fault. I looked back on myself and repented of easily throwing tantrums at the child.

After the healing meeting, I went to Dr. Gilbert Chae of WCDN, World Christians Doctors' Network. He explained it was 'sudamen bullosa' and he also prayed for her with the handkerchief. From that night, the conditions of Ghayoung got visibly better. Scabs formed on the parts where there used to be rashes, and she slept very well. After several days, the scabs fell off cleanly, and she was completely healed. Hallelujah!

Through this event I thought about many things. I could check my faith again seeing my daughter who didn't want to go to the hospital but wanted to rely on God. I realized I received the blessing of God making the impossible possible and making the possible even better. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father.

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