My Eyesight Increased At My Age!

| Manmin News No. 627 | 2019-01-27

Senior Deaconess Myeong Ae Kim (Age 50, 10th Parish)

From a couple of years ago, I felt my sight became dim, and I began to see overlapping letters while reading books. It wasn't easy to read anything and I had my eyes checked. It was the beginning of presbyopia, age-related long sightedness, and I had to get eye-glasses specifically for reading. In the medical check-up that I got in July 2015, my vision was 1.2/0.7.

In August 2016, our Senior Pastor Rev. Jaerock Lee said many people would be healed of eye-related problems in the forthcoming Manmin Summer Retreat. I really wanted to get my vision improved and prepared myself with prayers and fasting.

In the first night session of the Summer Retreat, I had unexplainable happiness stemming from my heart while I was listening to the message of the Senior Pastor. When he was praying for the sick from the stage, I laid my hands on my eyes and earnestly received the prayer with faith.

After I came back from the Retreat, to my amazement I could read well even without the glasses. I got my eyes checked once again, and the result was I no longer had presbyopia, and my vision improved to be 1.2/1.0. Hallelujah!

I could see even better in the medical check-up in 2018. The nurse was very surprised to see me being able to read small letters. My vision was 1.5/1.2. I am very surprised that my sight has improved even though I am aging. I can see things very clearly and I can read even very small letters without wearing glasses. I am only thankful to the living God.

I wondered as to how I could have received such a great blessing, because I felt I hadn't done anything to deserve it. A certain thing came to my mind. For many years I have been volunteering to help the believers from other countries during the Summer Retreat, and I've always tried my best with prayers, thanksgiving and joy to make them feel at home as much as possible.

God blessed me for cherishing my duty. He also blessed my family. My husband got promoted and all 3 daughters are also growing up in the Lord. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father.

Visual Acuity Test

Before Prayer Right 0.7, Left 1.2

After Prayer Right 1.2, Left 1.5

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