60-year-long Otitis Externa Has Been Healed!

| Manmin News No. 633 | 2019-03-17

Young Hee Park (Age 67, 4th Parish)

When I was very young, water went into my left ear while I was swimming. After that, some discharges came from the ear. I also had pain, but my introversive character made me keep quiet about it.
Even after I grew up and became an adult, I had pain when I tried to clean my left ear. I'd just clean up the pus that was coming out. For so many decades I'd never been able to clean out the earwax even once. Sometimes I couldn't hear well with my left ear. However, I just got accustomed to it.
Toward the end of 2018, I looked back on myself in my prayer. I realized I gave hard times to many people around me due to my strong self-righteousness, and I repented of it.
In the Daniel prayer meeting on Jan. 2, 2019, Mrs. Lee the director of Manmin Prayer Center played the audio recording of the Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick. Somehow I was happy thinking that something good would happen to me.
And the next day, it was around 5 PM. I used to pull my left ear when I had some dull sensation in it, and that day I could touch something on the earflap. There were 2 long and black pieces of substance that looked like old earwax, each of which was about 1cm long.
From then on I could hear much better, and I have no pain in the left ear. In the past, if I closed my right ear, I had the ringing noise in the left, but it doesn't happen any longer. I can hear increasingly better with my left ear as time goes.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father and my beloved Lord who healed this 60-year-old problem in my ear at once! Hallelujah!

The substance that came out from the ear after prayer

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