"I Have been Healed of Acute Laryngitis"

| Manmin News No. 647 | 2019-06-23

Young Eun Kim (Age 40, 2nd Canaan Mission)

I love singing praises and joined the Canaan Mission Praise and Worship Chorus in March 2019. I went on a diet to lose weight and actually lost 10kg. I wanted to do more. I took some herbal medicine to help with the diet.
However, I had dry mouth and had a burning sensation in the throat. My voice was husky and I felt like something was in my throat. Later I couldn't even speak well.
I received diagnosis on Apr. 23. It was acute laryngitis. The doctor said my vocal cord was swollen due to inflammation, and a lump began to form. It was just a step before singer's nodule. But my job required speaking, and I had to go on speaking.
Toward the late April I couldn't even make a sound. About 10 years ago, I was at the threshold of death due to swine flu, but was healed by prayer with handkerchief prayed on by our Senior Pastor. So I wanted to rely on God this time as well through prayers.
I took a sick leave from May 7 and attended the morning session of Prayer Center and 1 PM prayer meetings. I looked back on my life of faith. I remembered that God blessed me in my job very much when I did 400-night vowed Daniel Prayer Meetings beginning in April 2018.
Nevertheless, I wasn't really thankful but complained often. I didn't pray with all my heart either. I repented of these things and I could then speak a little bit better.
On May 13, I could speak much better and the pain was gone. I offered a 3-day fast to be completely healed and attended the special divine healing session on the 31st.
When Pastor Soojin Lee was praying with the handkerchief, I realized I was arrogant thinking I had done so much and repented of it. Instantaneously, fire of the Holy Spirit came upon my head and down to my feet. Then, I could speak very well. Hallelujah!
Now, I have no problem with my throat. God gave me an even better voice. I am happily doing my duties as a member of Immanuel Choir and Praise and Worship Service Chorus.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father and the Lord who has healed me and blessed my soul to prosper.

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