"The 6cm Ovarian Cyst Disappeared!"

| Manmin News No. 652 | 2019-07-28

Chan-ye Hong (22, Young Adults' Mission)

I had stomach pain from time to time beginning in June 2018. I also had indigestion. It became increasingly more pain. Sometimes I couldn't sleep. One time I had difficulty in breathing and stomach cramps and passed out. I was taken to an ER. They found a 6cm ovarian cyst.
The doctor said, "You shouldn't have any pain but you do. It means the lump could have caused necrosis being attached to the ovary, and we need to surgically remove it right away. There is high level of inflammation in the blood test, so it could soon lead to peritonitis."
I was very surprised to hear it, but I had peace in my mind when I thought that God always gives us the best. I decided to rely on God completely. Whenever I had pain, I received Rev. Jaerock Lee's recorded prayer for the sick, and I'd feel OK.
As I prayed, God gave me the grace to look into the deep part of my heart. I made a strong framework of God's word since I grew up in faith from childhood, and I'd press myself with that framework.
When I prayed about it, I realized that God loves me and cherishes my being unconditionally and without a limit and not because I do something well. Then, I felt much lighter in my heart.
From January 2019, I wanted to be healed completely, so I tried to please God. I volunteered to receive the patient registration for the special healing sessions every month. I was so happy and glad that I could volunteer for God's kingdom and also attend the healing sessions.
I felt the pain decreasing with time. After the healing session in May, I went to the hospital on June 12. I heard amazing news. The cyst disappeared and my ovaries were of the normal size, and there was no problem. Hallelujah!
Recently, I went on a short-term missionary trip to Indonesia, and there, I gave my testimony that the 6cm ovarian cyst disappeared. I was so happy I could become a witness of the Lord and His power. I give all thanks and glory to the Triune God.

Ultrasound Pictures

Before Prayer: 6.46cm x 4.55cm ovarian cyst present
After Prayer: The size of the cyst reduced to normal range

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