I have been healed of cystoma ovarii for which I needed to undergo an operation.

| Manmin News No. 75 | 2006-06-04

Deaconess Mi-sook Choi (44, Masan Manmin Holiness Church)

Back in late March, the lower-left part of my stomach began hurting and I could no longer stand a pain that felt like my stomach being gouged out by a knife. A few days later, my stomach felt like it was going to explode so I went to a local hospital for medical checkup.

"There is a large tumor in your ovary and unless you undergo an operation immediately, it is very dangerous."

The diagnosis completely caught me off guard. Upon hearing that I had "cystoma ovarii," I could not stand up straight.
Anxiety only increased with the passing of time but as I had seen countless instances of healing manifested through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, I suddenly thought to myself, 'If God places His hand on it, this is nothing."
On Sunday, April 16, 2006, I told the details to Rev. Sang-tae Kim, Pastor at Masan Manmin Church, and he prayed for me with the handkerchief on which Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed (Acts 19:11-12). In that instant, all the pain went away and I attended "The 28-day Special Prayer Meeting" at the Main Sanctuary in Seoul, desperately looking for things I had done wrong against God.
There were so many things of which I needed to repent but I rent my heart in repentance for the discord I was having with my mother-in-law. During the Friday All-night Worship Service, I received Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer on the screen, and when I went to bed early Saturday morning, I had a dream in which a great deal of blood was discharged through the vulva.
While I was praying at "The 28-day Special All-night Prayer Meeting" on April 23, I received the Holy Spirit's baptism by fire and my body felt like a ball of fire. In excitement, I placed my hand on my lower stomach and realized that I could not feel the tumor that had been there.
On April 25, I went to the hospital for another examination and my doctor was apparently very puzzled at what he was seeing and told me, "I cannot see the tumor. It is a normal ovary." When I testified to him that I had been healed after receiving Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer by faith, he rejoiced with me. "Congratulations!" he said. "I am a Christian, too. When God does His work, everything is possible!" Hallelujah!

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