Our loving God healed me of serious asthma and the loss of ability to hear

| Manmin News No. 0 | 2005-06-22

Deaconess Shilrye Kang
(San Jose, San Francisco, United States)

I have lived in San Jose, San Francisco, United States for 20 years. Beginning 3 years ago my left ear began to lose its hearing ability and I could not even hear a loud voice.

Last April 20th, I came to Seoul to see my two daughters, Sr. Deaconesses Hyosoon Park and Soonduk Park, who live there:. I asked them to take me to the hospital for medical treatment during my stay, but they introduced to me works of power happening at Manmin Joong-ang Church and planted the faith into me.
When I attended Sunday and Friday worship services, I enjoyed the services filled with the grace and truth that I have never experienced, and my heart was very happy with the messages preached by Rev. Dr. Lee. While listening to those messages, I was reminded of many past sins and repented of those sins, and with the faith I received the prayer for the sick when Rev. Dr. Lee prayed after preaching.

Then, I participated in the Divine Healing Meeting held at the Manmin Prayer Center every day and earnestly desired to be changed through the messages and prayers of President of that Prayer Center Mrs. Boknim Lee, wife of Rev. Dr. Lee. In the meantime my bloody phlegm stopped and I was healed of severe asthma. While I was praying at the Daniel Night prayer Meeting on May 5th, I felt a "bump" sound inside my left ear and then I could hear with my left ear. Hallelujah!

I experienced God's amazing power during my stay in Korea, and I will spread the living God to as many friends and neighbors in USA as possible.

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