God Healed My Stomach Cancer and Gave Me a Renewed Life!

| Manmin News No. 0 | 2004-10-23

Bongyoun Han (Male, 67)

I had no hope for recovery after the diagnosis of stomach cancer
In August 2002, my vomiting more often happened to me because of too much smoking and drinking. Afterwards when I was admitted to a hospital, my doctor told my family, without even saying the name of my disease, that I should be admitted to a larger hospital so soon. I felt I had been seriously ill. A few days later, I was admitted to Jeonbook Univ. Hospital.

1. Cells before receiving the prayer(Cancer seen)
2. Cells after receiving the prayer (No cancer)

The doctor of the university hospital said, "It's stomach cancer. You must be operated." As if I had a little expected his diagnosis, I just listened to his word in a calm and dumbfounded manner. My weight was 38 kg and I was so skinny as to look like a corpse. Operation could not assure my recovery. In fact, my body was very dangerous because I had drunk too much until then and had been ill of lung tuberculosis and severe stomach disease.
I thought my life could not escape from death. So, I chose to give up my life and lived day by day searching for only liquors alcohols rather than to try something for survival.

Led to the Manmin Joong-ang Church by my Daughter
Meanwhile, my second daughter deaconess Bonam Han and her husband deacon Sangbong Lee, and my son deacon Byoungwon Han and his wife deaconess Mikyoung Kim hurried to me. They advised me to come to Seoul with them, where I felt their love and kindness deeply.
My second daughter, after her marriage, used to suffer from a severe family trouble and her family nearly fell into destruction because of her alcoholism. But her life was completely changed after she was guided to the Manmin Joong-ang Church. She met the living God through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's message of life and his loving prayer. By degrees, she began to send out the aroma of Christ through her changing life, and guided her husband, son and daughter, elder brother and his wife and mother and father in law to the Lord and happy family life He blessed. In that way she gained favor and trust from her parents as well. Afterwards she had prayed for me who had no true faith for years with her husband, her brother and her sister-in-law.
One day I was diagnosed as stomach cancer, but she regarded it as the chance of leading me to her church. She said to me, "Father, come to the Manmin Joong-ang Church together with us. This stomach cancer is a piece of cake with the power of God."
At her earnest request, I began to listen to the audio tapes title "The Message of the Cross" preached by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, which she had given me. My faith grew up and my heart was moved at my children's loving care. At last, I made up my mind to come to the Manmin Joong-ang Church in Seoul on September 21, Chusuk the feast day the Korean Thanksgiving Day.

Repenting My Past Sins with Much Weeping

Next day, on September 22, I experienced a strange spiritual thing when I entered the gate of the Manmin Joong-ang Church to attend the Sunday worship service. Surprisingly, my stomachache of cancer was immediately gone according to the great grace of God. And He gave my heart rest and peace, and a special strength to stop smoking and drinking.
At that time, my heart felt trembled with thanks for my children's loving and constant prayer. In particular, my daughter deaconess Bonam Han gave me peculiar sincerity. She shed a lot of tears day and night, and very often told me to live according to the word of God to be healed of my cancer. As she taught me, I tried my best to worship God with all my sincerity and best offerings each service, and did not fail to attend the meeting for divine healing of the Manmin Prayer House and to ask for God's grace. Of course I did not stop praying.
One day God gave me the grace enough for me to repent my sins with weeping when I attended the meeting for divine healing. I was reminded that I had been healed of my lung tuberculosis accompanied with blood vomiting and severe bitter stomach at the 9th revival meeting in 2001, but still worshiped idols and bowed down in front of Korean traditional ritual table like worldly people because I was possessed with a stubborn thought of my being the eldest son of my family line. I thoroughly repented my past sinful life with sincere weeping.

Healed of My Cancer through the Prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee
After my healing, My Senior Pastor, Dr. Jaerock Lee, Chairman of the Board of the Manmin Joong-ang Church became so lovely to me that I often wept and wept for not seeing his face much more. Each time he went to church, I came to church to see him and received his prayer with faith and sincere offerings.

In February 2003, I felt sick in my belly, and came into a restroom to lose myself. There I poured down not a little dark blood. At that sight, I was shocked and a little scared, thinking, "My internal organs must have been rotten because of stomach cancer and so the rotten parts poured down with blood." However, since then, my body began to change into good condition.I felt my body refreshed, and my poor habit of losing myself in 10 days was gone. I came to feel no sick whatsoever in my belly. I was very curious about how I was healed, and 3 months later came to Nam Seoul Hospital located in Guro-dong. To my great surprise, my doctor spoke to me, "There is no cancer within you."
For more accurate examination, I visited, after 3 months, came to Myoungji Hospital of the Kwandong University to take closer examination for cells and internal organs. The result was the same. No cancer cell! Hallelujah!

1. Stomach before receiving the prayer (Ulcer seen)
2. Stomach after receiving the prayer (No ulcer trace)

God Blessed my Family with Good Health and Happiness

My weight was lifted up from 38 kg to 60 kg after healed of my cancer with the power of God. In 2003 two-week revival meeting, I was again healed of my 20-year shoulder pain, and I regained my good eyesight in the right eyes although I could not see letters even with glasses for years.
In addition, my wife Byoungrye Jung was healed of her 20-year stomachache and her 4-year bent waist became straightened. My son Byoungwon Han was healed of lung disease through which his breathing had been difficult. And my grandchildren have grown well without visiting hospital.

All members of my family came to serve the Lord, and my son's father and mother-in-law came to have family worship service altogether with prayer and singing since they moved next to the church temple. It is true happiness that is out of comparison with anything on earth.
I give all thanks and glory to God who saved my soul and healed my sick body, and I give thanks to my senior pastor The Reverend Dr. Jaerock Lee who prayed for me with love and words of life.

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