Dead cells came back to life just as Aaron's staff had not only sprouted but had budded

| Manmin News No. 0 | 2005-01-22

"The next day Moses entered the Tent of the Testimony and saw that Aaron's staff, which represented the house of Levi, had not only sprouted but had budded, blossomed and produced almonds." (Numbers 17:8)

At the 2004 Peru Healing Crusade which was held at Campo de Marte, Lima, the capital city of Peru from December 2 to 4 2004, as a medical doctor, I collected data confirming the healings of countless people, and examined them. Let me give you a brief explanation of it.
When Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for the sick, a lot of people got up from wheelchairs and lifted up their crutches, and came up to the stage to give their healing testimonies and medical doctors confirmed their miraculous healings from the medicinal viewpoint. Those who gave their healing testimonies on the stage said that they had already felt something changed in their bodies when they received the prayer of Dr. Lee: Some of them felt their sick parts hot as if burned or cool as if sprinkled by pain-killer, some others saw lights in a vision or smelled sweet odors when they received the prayer with faith, some others felt strength coming on their weakened legs or still others felt all of the pains that they had suffered from for long disappeared.
Based on the kind of experiences, they claimed for their healings and came up to the stage. That's because they experienced the disappearance of pains and the symptoms of recovery in the power of the Holy Spirit. After the whole crusade, I still stayed in Peru and medically examined those who had given in their healing testimonies. I was very surprised because their healing testimonies were not only clear but also were confirmed with medical data. Dead cells came back to life or paralyzed bodies got recovered enough to function properly just as Aron's staff sprouted and budded out.
Let us look into a few cases.

1. Healing of AIDS (Emmanuel Marallano Yaipen, 21)

He had suffered from frequent diarrhea from three years ago and was diagnosed with the case of AIDS. From three weeks before the Peru Crusade started, molds were formed in the mouth and fingertips and suffered. He attended the Crusade on the second night, and all of a sudden, he had an urge to go to the restroom. When he went to the restroom that night, he saw that his excrement was normal.He received close examination at the
hospital and was confirmed to be remarkably recovered.
AIDS is a kind of deadly disease nicknamed "Modern Pest." AIDS virus, after enter into patients' body, attacks CD4 cells having the immune ability continually to destroy the immunity, and as that result, they lead to death due to various complicated diseases.
This young man, however, began to be recovered after receiving the prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, and the number of his CD4 cells has increased remarkably. Diarrhea stopped and normally relieved himself.

1. Two years before the crusade Western Blot Examination: HIV type (+) (January 22 2003)
CD4 level: 292 (February 12 2003)
2. After the crusade(December 14 2004)
CD4 level: 462

2. Healing of cerebrosclerosis (Adwal Guerero, 32)

In 2002 he couldn't walk or keep his balance, and still less, he could not get up out of bed by himself since 2003. He nearly lost his sight and the ability of hearing and went to hospital. He was diagnosed with the case of cerebrosclerosis. Cerebrosclerosis is one of incurable diseases and requires a very high quality of medical treatment. He who is stricken with this disease has to take medicine throughout his whole lifetime until he
draws his last.
He attended the Peru Crusade on the second night and after Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed, he came to keep his balance and walked by himself. And he recovered his sight and hearing. Close examination of the hospital tells us that cerebra inflammation, an unexceptional symptom of cerebrosclerosis was rampant before the crusade but is not seen after he received the prayer of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. This also caused the recovery of his sight and hearing. Now he wears his glasses that are weaker than ever before.

1. Before the crusade
July 7 2003 Cerebral inflammation seen
2.After the crusade
December 15 2004 Cerebral inflammation not seen

1. March 27 2004 Right lens of my glasses: + 1.75 D
Left lens of my glasses: + 0.8 D
2.Right lens of my glasses: + 1.0 D
Left lens of my glasses: zero

3. Healing of hearing difficulty (Banaldinyo Eledia, 75)

Since 10 years ago, he had suffered from hearing difficulty of both ears. Through medical examination, doctors said that he would hardly hear sounds without hearing aids and he had to wear hearing aids all the time. He attended the Peru Crusade on the second night and when Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for the sick, he could hear the speaker's voice clearly. When he had his both ears examined at the hospital, doctors said he could hear normally with auditory aids.

1. Before the crusade (October 18 2004)
The level of hearing difficulty: 75 dB
2. After the crusade (December 15 2004)
The level of hearing difficulty: 59 dB

Then, what caused them to get recovered or healed?
Diseases are not only phenomena of the third-dimensional physical world that are seen with our eyes, but the cause of diseases have something to do with the spiritual realm. Just the way Malachi 4:2 teaches us that the sun of righteousness comes upon the sick people with the healing in its wings, when Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for the sick, the lights of the sun of righteousness shone on the sick from the spiritual realm and healed all the sick parts of them.

Written and collected by Deacon Sanghoon Yeo (M.D. Medical Examiner)

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